Request for a new EVERYTHING title for men OR upgrade Khan For Men


One Title To Rule Them All!

Okay, first of all, am a bit tentative to ask for this but hear me out

Once upon a time, we asked for StarkQ (am trying to remember who initiated this request so please comment the person’s name to give due credit). StarkQ was a combination of “Limitless, Emperor, Daredevil, Primal Seduction: Iron Throne, etc” and at the time, it was a landmark achivement to get an all in one title requested by the users here

Now with the development of the Q Store and its powerful modules plus the making of awesome titles like Dragon Reborn, and upcoming Renaissance Man and PRIMARCH, I think it is close to that time when the men of this forum can get an everything title which is similar to Khan (which was close to an everything multistage at the time of its release) and StarkQ which was a whole title based on user push

Why would we want another “everything” title when we have titles like Dragon Reborn, Khan, Emperor, StarkQ, Customs, etc?

Well for one, men of this forum can finally have an all-round subliminal that focuses on everything men specifically want. Like:

  • Power and Leadership
  • Masculinity
  • Testosterone and other male related hormones
  • Sex
  • Money
  • Physical shifting of face, height, male enhancement, muscles (possibly PRIMARCH)
  • Intelligence and creativity
  • Physical healing
  • Skill development like Renaissance Man
  • And the other wonderful Q modules in the Q Store

(Users can state your requests for this title in the comments too)

This sounds like a massive request and now that I write it down, I feel that it would have been a better idea to request it after the release of RM and Project Hero but hey, not a bad thing to ask early

Customs are nice but many times we aren’t able to fit in everything we want into one title and with the coming of Q Plus build, i wonder if this will make it more possible

So either a whole new title which @pacman aptly named “A God Amongst Men” or an upgraded “Khan For Men” that would do the needful

What do you think, @SaintSovereign and @Fire? Is the tech ready for an everything sub?

DRACARYS! - Raphael's Primal Ascended Dragon Journal

@pacman, @Azriel, @mvargo, @Brandon, @Apollo, @JCast, and everyone else. Do comment


This is more or less a copy/past from another thread, but I think the timing is perfect for another masculine sub similar to Khan (or Khan v2) now that lockdown hopefully ends soon.

Something based on Primal, Ascension and Daredevil (or PCC) would do the trick for me. Then people could always be free to create a custom based on that new sub with physical changes or specific skills.


Ayyy it was @blackadder.

He used to go overboard with these initiations and then when they came out, he used to say “I don’t have need for them atm” :joy:


@blackadder thank you for idea of StarkQ, one of my favourite ever subs.

@raphael I’m here for this idea. I’d love something like this for sure. The idea alone hypes me up.


Absolutely agree


Ah yes! Thanks for that, @Rapsta. All credit to @blackadder

LOL is that true? FUNNY!


New Year HYPE to offset our 2020 'Rona-darling :grin:


The idea’s excellent. However my only worry relies on the execution of the sub. Since it’s a lot of info, and depending on the overall information processing of each person they gotta tailor, and I think there’s a certain cap in how much scripting a single sub can have.

Stages is a must for this, but what would you put in each stage? Also the other angle we need to address is the development of the physical changes. With the ones who have run specific customs with all the modules for body morphing and facial ones, what’s the average time we can expect for overall shifting? And this is keeping in mind it’s name embedded.

I think it’s achievable.

The issues for me are:

  • How to develop the benefits, for example Masculinity, Creatjve Writing and at the same time get the physical shifting without decreased efficiency?

  • Since it’s one for all, would it be wise for it to be a multi-stager?

  • Are you gonna give some space to healing? Maybe DR can take care of that right?

  • Can it be achieved with add so much info? Or this would push the scripting limits?

Aching to hear Saints and Fire response for this, regardless of the outcome.


@PurpleRT73 - All very good questions I have no answer to lol

Jokes aside, I do feel that we are close to a breakthrough that facilitates changes on a wide range of topics

Also, men generally want (almost) the same things and if we don’t, am sure we can direct the sub in whatever direction we want it to go

It’s an (over) ambitious goal likely but I felt it was a good time to ask

Again, you made excellent points


saintsovereign : :wink:

@SaintSovereign do you think im ready to move to the next stage of QL?


You are already on ST5 :grin::grin::grin:


You’re not accusing me of being a member of the darkside are you!? :scream:


Maybe extend Khan
Stage 5 Physical Healing and Fitness
Will include Testosterone Support , Muscle Development etc.


Ofcourse I am. But I love the darkside cause they have cookies!


What a brilliant idea. Khan Part 2 (ST5 to ST8)


Team OREO for life!


Haha! I love Oreos!


The way I remember it the founders brought up Khan on their own, and Stark was Saint’s personal custom, like Renaissance and Primarch are today.

Several of us would ask for a “make me one with everything” sub.
I did that too, but only when a new Emperor was in the making.

Of course, there is no denying that once a potential product is mentioned, blackadder will keep hyping it and randomly predicting it’s release date. :smile:


It’s a good opportunity to ask for everything again, @Simon. Lets hype this with the same heart and power of @blackadder!!!