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Following an interest in remote seduction I decided to start a new thread on this as i did not want to derail the existing Q module discussion thread.

I recall a kundalini instructor telling me he was able to at the time seduce strippers by using visualizations. Now I do not know whether he was pulling my leg or being truthful. However its been a topic of heated discussion for decades.

Remote seduction, yes itcan work I have done it by looking into a womans eyes on the approach and she feels the sexual energy. I had it working with 1 in every 30 women I have met during cold approach its like we feel a sparkle of energy between us and she knows what I want. Its like she gets wet between the legs its not something i can do consistently though.

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Can you do that to men too? Like staring into the eyes of a multimillionaire for 30 seconds and he decides to make you his godson.


Sounds like a great idea for a Q module :grin:


There’s a lot of power in the eyes. Although it probably has less to do with the eyes than with the focus. Considering the eyes are a lens, and if you’ve ever used the sun and a magnifying glass on poor unsuspecting ants, you know what a lens cans do (yes, a laser works as an example as well, but most kids don’t have access to those). The eyes are the tool you use to focus your intent.

I knew a guy that could look at a woman passing by so focused she felt like somebody just slapped her on the rear. Hilarious to see them jump around.

The side effect was that the intuitive ones were able to “follow” the intent back to the origin even after he had already looked away. Interesting how that works.

There are courses in mesmerism that train energy work and techniques to learn specifically thing like how to look across a crowded bar at somebody and they will return that intense focus until it’s like the two of you are the only ones left. If an experience that intense happened to you, would you be intrigued enough to go up and talk to that person?


the eyes are connected to the heart, your eyes reflect your heart’s state thus the quote “eyes are the windows of the soul”


Interesting topic.
I am still unsure about the karmic/moral implications.


I agree with this, a huge reason why I love learning about magick but have never done any is because I have a bad feeling that theres always a catch involved and sometimes the catch demands a price I might not be able to pay, hence I find it safer to know all the details of a deal before I make one and I’d like to be able to know the same with any magick rituals/spells before I do any, if anyone knows about this maybe they can guide me.


There is product from another company that does this and I did test it for a short while it does work. This particular subliminal company does make descent products, however I suffered huge reconciliation. Perhaps it was attracting into my life things I did not want and thus reconciliation kicked in big time. This is one of the reasons I came back to subclub because i have had very little reconciliation from their products. Another thing is there is no other company out there which offers the stacking flexibility and inner core confidence that SC products provide. If you dont have the core inner game sorted forget everything else it just wont work.


I must admit that I had some level of success using my eyes to seduce. It was many years back, both when my eyes were in good health and I was pretty confident. I could look at a woman and it was through a certain level of “soft intensity” that made a woman look at me, look away and look back.

I don’t know any other way to remote seduce though except that I have heard certain people use law of attraction to get texts, calls and “attraction” from those they desire. But not experienced this though.


@raphael i had experiences in my 20s when I would look across a bar at a girl and say to myself she is so hot i want her tonight. She would immediately perk up and turn her head and look at me. Now there must have been something going on there which made her turn her head and look at me. Never been able to repeat that consistently.


At some level people can feel what you are thinking at that moment. Like how the women in my above example were able to follow the intent back to the source. Part of it will be involuntary body language, but there’s also more “hidden” parts.

It is possible to look at a woman and visualize you are having sex with her. She’ll get the vibe and the aura. She’d still need to be open to sex with a stranger, but if she is, there is a decent chance you’ll trigger her lust simply by imagining having sex with her while having eye contact.

Do take care not to “involuntarily” look at her physical “assets” when she makes eye contact. Keep the eye contact strong. Really let your message penetrate her. :slight_smile:

I think there is tantra meditations that do something similar. You and your partner sit opposite without touching and through meditation your energy can get her so excited she experiences sexual bliss without an orgasm. Apparently it’s quite the feeling for women.


These stories remind me of a time when I was at a concert with my buddy in high school. I went to the washroom and when I came back he said a girl walked up to him and made out with him. I asked how did that happen? All he said was he looked at her eyes. I don’t think he knew about any of this stuff, it just came naturally to him. He could have been bullshitting, but I don’t think he was and if I remember correctly his face was a bit blushed and he looked quite amused.


I did a lot of research to into this back while I was living in NZ. Remote Seduction really first showed its face from memory in the work of Amargi Hillier in his Mind Power Seduction manual. I was one of the early ones to purchase this back in my uni days, more out of morbid curiosity than anything else.

The website shut down somewhere between 1999 and early 2000. He was one of the early marketing phenomena associated with fringe Egyptology and really probably gained a lot of his popularity from the sumptuous graphics used on the website back in the day, and his push to try and open the Hall of Records under the Sphinx. That little corner of internet history is worth a whole discussion in itself, particularly for the marketing that went into selling this idea to hungry internet consumers in the last years of the 20th century with their eyes set on Y2K and the possible end of the world, but that’s a story for another day.

The manual can be found in any number of reputable or disreputable places on the internet for those curious enough to use their private detective skills. The ideas contained within are timeless but really were formulated into a coherent popular narrative as far as I can tell around that time.

The basic technique is this:

  • use whatever induction techniques work best for you to drop your mind into theta brainwaves (including the staircase method, the visualisation of items in the colours of the rainbow or alphabetical, etc, anything that involves heavy visualisation combined with relaxation, as well as binaurals/isochronics which became more popular later on)
  • Learn to vividly recreate in your mind the sensation of touch on various objects, including for example human flesh.
  • Generate a sense of unity with Creation which is typical of theta ie the purpose of getting into Theta is to induce a state of greater connection with the reality you are trying to influence, to enhance the ability of your consciousness to transmit its visualised intention.
  • Spend a period of time, typically 20 minutes or so, vividly visualising touching the person you are trying to remotely seduce, transmitting your spiritual energy to them, visualing yourself and them within a bubble of light or energy, or being drawn together, but more particularly experience that sensation of touching them in your mind and see and experience their erotic reaction to the touch (while remaining dispassionate and calm yourself)
  • There are a number of variations on this technique that involve energy manipulation such as heating techniques to focus energy on the woman’s clitoris or guy’s penis, really they are nothing special and it is about using your imagination and knowledge of energy manipulation to figure out what will cause the greatest influence.
  • Return to normal consciousness and cease focusing on it, like all magic, to allow that attempt to influence reality remotely to take effect.

The technique does work when done properly although like all magickal or softer disciplines it requires practice and understanding of the basic principles of magic to master. I’ve done it myself with the permission of the ladies involved before, but one of my female friends was the master of the technique (and a Scorpio), amusingly claiming to have used the remote seduction techniques to sex up Pope Benedict to influence his resignation (I’m sure she wasn’t the only one claiming that).

In my opinion, having seen several forums devoted to the topic (usually connected with remotely seducing your ex to make them come back to you, or remotely effect a crush) there can be a lot of immaturity in the people using these techniques which in itself is its own safeguard against it working in many cases. And there is a lot of danger of placebo or more specifically sheer fantasy and wishful thinking involved in practicing it (“I got a smile from her today and she said HI! That means my remote seduction is working!! OMG!”). For a lot of people a more practical thing would be taking physical action to better themselves, but that’s just my opinion.

There are also a few mp3s floating around the internet that are guided meditations for doing remote seduction. I won’t be linking to them, they are sub standard and only marginally useful at best.


This on the other hand is something that has more of a physical basis in reality than what is typically referred to as remote seduction. Aura generation, darshan, taoist energy cultivation practices/sexual techniques, etc.

You mention its inconsistent, I’d like to add to this discussion the secret of having such practices work, which is really the secret to having any manifestation of siddhis or shaktis and other supernormal abilities. This information was conveyed one of the Indian gurus whose earlier work I greatly respect. I won’t mention their name here as they are quite a controversial figure, but their earlier teachings are very practical.

The concept of Advaita, which is more than just a concept and more of a reality, is the secret to manifestation of a whole range of “supernatural” phenomena. The word technically refers to the knowledge of the unity of all things in creation. The unity between the devotee and the guru, the unity between the seducer and the one being seduced, union of the person manipulating a fire with the fire itself, etc.

Direct cognition of that unity of self with the surrounding field and objects in the universe typically considered by our waking minds as separate, is the key to manifesting these abilities, when combined with yogic concentration or transmission of intent. It has to be a genuine experience or understanding of that union. If you use this with the eye gazing techniques for example it will increase efficiency of the transmission greatly. This is the principle of how a guru can transmit their shakti to their disciple.

Don’t take my word for it, experiment with it for yourself. That experience of the unity works like this: I have a thought which causes me to move my hand. If there is something in me, in my consciousness, which can cause me to say “hand or arm, move” and it moves, then that same principle which also exists in other people can influence things more remote than just the parts of your own body. The gross body is not a closed system, and more specifically on the level of energy (the magnetic fields underlying consciousness for example) the mind is not localized or restricted to the body. Consciously knowing this allows the mind to relax and expand its sphere of influence outwards and influence things remotely.

I’ve had that ability myself without understanding it before really getting involved with the idea in the domain of healing, there is a certain way you can look at someone who is present or not present that allows you to “see” directly into the body and sense imbalances. More interesting is the fact that this “sight” can actually directly influence the thing being sensed. Energetic imbalances can shift in reaction to being seen by someone, almost as if they do not want to be seen or brought to light, they will move and transform and I’ve had this reported by people I’ve worked on as I “saw” this unfolding. It is really quite incredible to watch. And the ability to project that consciousness or awareness with the sight is the key, which works best when the knowledge of the non locality and unity of consciousness is fully grokked.


I should add, this experience of the unity of Creation necessary to make supernormal abilities possible acts as its own safeguard to abuse of the abilities. It is responsible for the workings of karma and the subconscious mind which does not hold the same pre-suppositions of separateness from creation that the conscious mind holds. If you can push on someone through these techniques, their own nature can also push back on your subconscious mind. And the ability to sense someone else’s intention on a visceral level like this allows a person to experience a morality which is based on the actual intent or desires of others.

For this reason my master used to say that there is actually no danger in developing these abilities because the gradual experience of this unity acts as its own safeguard against abuse. The Golden Rule works best when you can see Creation as it is rather than according to your own assumptions.

There was a great example of this in the tv show Doctor Who in the episode “The Girl in the Fireplace” where Madame du Pompadour tells the doctor as he is walking among her memories that “a door once opened can be crossed both ways”.


I remember recommending for a eye contact program on here a whileeeee back. Eye contact is underrated I could probably make the case for solid eye contact being the most important factor in seducing women. Fearless man in YouTube talks a lil about eye contact. It shows confidence, it can also show weakness. Eyes tell everything. you can make a women wet right then and there just by the way you look at her. I recall onetime last year I was at work. The lobby has glass for walls so you can see everyone walking by and they can see you. A older women attractive passes by my building and I just looked at her in the eyes with so much desire because I was so attracted to her, I didn’t have to tell her I was attracted to her, my eyes did all the talking. She was walking slow, she saw me looking, so she looked away, then looked back at me, and got all ditzy and flustered, she began to twirl her hair and couldn’t walk straight :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
another time I had a 1 hour phone session with a redpill guru as well last year and he called me out and told me he could tell I have some bitch behavior in me. You know how he knew this ? He said he could look into my eyes through Skype and see low confidence, and low self esteem.
another example that I’m so pissed to this day. rejection is so better then regret. Back in March of this year right before lockdown happened. I was waiting for the bus to go home from the gym. I saw a attractive women, like a 8 or 9 in my eyes walk by me slowly, and eye fuck me. She was walking by me and kept her eyes on me as she continued to walk . This was like 4 or 5 seconds. I was tired and my bus was right there so I said fuck it I’m going home, if I’m honest with myself I bitched out I got scared and didn’t want to approach. But man the eye contact she gave me I could tell how much desire she had for me, I could tell her primal brain was shooting tons of dopamine. She was aroused by me. I’m upset I didn’t do anything :pensive:
I should add I was running khan st3 when this girl walked by me
if you guys have any recommendations for seduction programs by rsd or whoever, books, YouTube channels etc on how to get rock solid eye contact I would love to check it out.
Eye contact is a excellent topic.
Come to think about it I think primal seduction or iron throne could probably help with eye contact