Regeneration, Elixir, ME and Dreams


Hello everyone!
I´m new to subliminals and have listened to Regeneration and Elixir for about a month.
It started with me bying Regeneration which gave me a splitting headache after listening to it for 3 hours straight.
The headache lasted for 2 days and I swore over the incompetent producers that created such crap!
Then I went online to see what people wrote on the forum that was connected to the shop.

After I corrected my listening schedule and added Elixir all has been well. Really well actually!
I listen to 4 loops of the main sub and 2 loops of Ultima everydag. I try to space out the loops as much as possible.
I built my listening around my work schedule, so I now listen for 3 days then one day of, repeat.


3 days ago I added Mind Eye Q and DreamsU to the stack.
Now my stack looks like this:
Morning= 1 loop of ElixirU + 2 loops of RegenQ
Afternoon= 2 loops of Minds EyeQ
Before sleep= 1 loop of DreamsU

The first night of this new stack gave me one of the most realistic dreams of my life!
It was a sexdream that was very tactile. It felt exactly like reality,

I actually added dreams to be able to see what Regeneration was doing under the hood.
I get short burst of sadness, nausea and irritation when listening sometimes. But that´s it. No old and forgotten memories are surfacing that I can analyze. I hope that DreamsU can act like one of those tubes that marine biologists use to see whats going on below the surface.

The second night I had a lucid dream. The first in a long time. Not sexual this time but I´ve got to practice my flying skills.
I really think that ME enhance the effect of DreamsU in a positive way!


Nice u wanted to experiment with this exact stack, am runnubg mind eye terminus squared, which already give vivid dreams lol



It looks like a very reasonable routine. I’m glad that you stuck to the programs. How about your goals? Why did you decide to run Regeneration and Elixir? How long are you planning on listening to it?


I downloaded the T2 version aswell, but I haven´t dared to try it out. (Maybe in a week or 2)
What differences have you noticed compared with the Q?


As I´m completely new to subliminals I thought that Regeneration would be a good start, as it fixes the foundation, the unseen. Elixir I found out about in the forum. Great combo!

I will listen to this stack for 2-4 weeks, then I might change Regeneration and Elixir for something else.
Emperor caught my eyes as it seem to cover a lot of bases. I can use it to manifest extra work to boost my economy + get in better shape.
I´m just not shure if the time is right with the lockdown, closed gyms and all…

I´m also looking at Quantum Limitless or Alchemist, they´re more suited to work with when I have to stay at home.


I like the manner of your reasoning, probably, because it’s similar to mine. I was thinking about Emperor+RebirhU after finishing my healing stack (Regeneration+Elixir) but ultimately I shall go with QL (Quantum Limitless) and some Ultimas. For a start, I’m going to stack QL Stage 1 with Elixir since both programs are in synergy, and then Stage 2 and 3 with the Legacy because that program strenghten mind-body congruency and then Stage 4 with BLU (Beyond Limitless) to get all the juice out of it. The line of reasoning is; heal, optimize and then I shall move to programs like Emperor/Khan to build strong life foundations. Some users say QL increases your subliminal capacity and suscebtibility.


That make sense. It enhances the brain and nervous system - like upgrading the hardware in a computer.
Alchemist should do the same, but on the energetic level.

What is the best way to stack programs? Like I do now, or mix them morning and afternoon?
Morning: Regen+Regen, afternoon: ME+ME
Morning: Regen+ME, afternoon: Regen+ME?


Ive notice that i didnt take long for me to get a strong boost the visualization, the sale page is spot on when i visualize i can taste, smell and feel it (this didnt take long to happen for me like 2 weeks)


I look forward to that!
I´ve also noticed a sense of optimism and positivity since starting the NE. Does it have mood-enhancing script perhaps?

Is it ok to mix the T2-format with my other sub (Regen) which is in Q-format?


Am not sure if it does

Most likely you can but since t2 has more information than the standard q format it need time to offload/process i won recomend you do run them together

Since you just starting your journey stick with q for some months, have a goal in mind, start a journal and document your progression


We’re still waiting for the official recommendations. But Saint said once it’s better to interlace subs then listen to them one by one if it’s the same format (Q. Terminus, T2 or Ultima). So if both programs are in Q the second routine is better.


I´m just about to start my second loop for the day. I´ll stack it per your recommendation.


Sound advise!
I feel that the Q-version has plenty of power for me so I´ll stick with that for now.
But I will probably fire up the T2 once before a rest-day to see how it feels…


Ehem. Before you go crazy entirely :wink: you may want to read the general recommendations first.


I only remember the “Experimentation is always welcome” -part!


Of course, you’re a new user. I was doing the same in the beginning. Break a leg!


I woke up this morning after a night filled with dreams, most of which is completely forgotten.
One took place on an old steamboat (where does all this stuff come from?), but the plot was lost when I woke up.

I also woke up 3 or 4 times during the night. Hopefully it coincides with my sleep cycles, else I´m losing sleep…
Based on this I´m gonna try to listen to DreamsU in the middle of the night, in a “wake back to bed” thing.

I will also put a notebook on my bedside table, and write down 3 words from every dream I remember. Hopefulle it will be enough to jog my memory in the morning.

Right now I´m listening to my second loop of RegenQ for the day, and I have a tight feeling over the chest. Something is being worked on under the hood, but no memories are surfacing.


Experiment after you gotten use to the normal q subs then experiment, getting use does mean you not getting result just mean you not getting reconciliation, but up to you be safe


I suppose we all have to learn the ropes that way. I wasted three months toying with Stark Teminus and some Ultimas but at least I learnt how not to use SC subs and how powerful both technologies are.