Regeneration & aegis

So got thrown out of the house two weeks ago. I found a shared apartment to rent until next week. Now I have to get a job fast.

I started listening last week on Wednesday.

I almost ran out of food but aegis guided me toward an orchard so I stole peaches from there.

My family gave me food yesterday so I won’t have to steal for a little while anymore

I notice peoples behaviour change men staring me down lol. Oh and women notice me now they stand very close to me. One practically shoved her ass on me while I was standing on the crosswalk waiting for the light to turn green.


My two goals and a half are

Get over the past and change it so that I didn’t make certain mistakes. I hope regeneration does that.

Get over my avoidance behaviour.

Maybe get lucky with women but I’m not too sure about it happening any time soon.

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Welcome to subclub , wishing you all the best :sparkles::blue_heart:

Why you decided to buy regeneration and ageis instead of ascended Mogul or Mogul for example . Can you share more background , like why you thrown out of house ?

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Mhm I got thrown out because I flipped on my abusive grandma. She called the cops and we’ll now it’s over. But to be honest my behaviour was not good at home despite the narcissists exaggerating my constant mistakes I really did fuck up long before.

As for my subs I bought them well over a year ago when I was in a completely different situation so I came back here because I needed food and my instinct told me to go with aegis.
( i have aegis ascension diamond , some other ultima which boosts workout or something , paragon , regeneration and dragon ) i wish I had a money sub right now. But I don’t

I plan on getting a job in security anyway. Regeneration i use because i have some sort of fatigue.

What sucks isn’t that my family threw me out it’s that they threw me out while I was in complete fatigue from covid and glandular.

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Everything will turn out well for you :pray: keep your faith and spirit up :muscle::muscle::muscle:

Solid move to support your self :+1:

Remember regeneration is healing sub , will work on these issues . I am sure You will grow stronger ,wiser and more compassionate from This situation :dart::blue_heart::blue_heart:

Why not looking for food tickets on your town!

Regeneration and ageis are interesting subs use regarding your situation . They represent for me unconventional way . And ageis will be awesome on your security job I believe . Keep us updated and be safe :four_leaf_clover:

Did you use zp , if not you may find them helpful . You will find them in your download section .

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Yes i used ZP i don’t like the format to be honest but I deleted my Google drive with the files because I never expected subliminal format to change.

I really wish the authors would release or give access to older versions.

And maybe manifestation oriented subliminals. Like augment luck and get a job sub

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personally i can relate to your frustrations regarding zp but this at first after that you going to be addicted to it in a good way .

The listening schedule is this

Day 1: regen *1 loop ageis *1 loop
Day2 : rest
Day 3: regen *1 loop ageis *1 loop
Day 21: regen *1 loop ageis *1 loop

And take 5 days rest this called washout period . You can increase the rest days to 2 or more if you want .

Never used AGES before but i always thought of AGES as one those that hides you or keeps you out of peoples way by making you "invisible"to them.


Yeah I notice a lot of cops around me and reality is just different after I use aegis.

I will use this sub every time before I get on a plane or helicopter from now on. Heck even riding a motorcycle this sub is great


What cops represent for you

  1. preferable / safety
  2. not preferable / danger

If possible , please elaborate more ?!!

No I just whenever I’m on the train station or I go somewhere after I listened to aegis everything around me appears peaceful

Crowds are always split apart like they keep more distance and it looks like train stations on stock photos.

I feel so calm after using it as well. I move slower I don’t have emotional reaction to losses.

I feel like I have more courage to talk to people especially women. My walk is different.

I crossed the street yesterday and I just stood there as if I couldn’t move and all of the sudden an ambulance :ambulance: drove across the crosswalk with sirens. I passively avoided going over that walk even though I had green lights.

It just feels right using this sub idk

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I admire your resilience.

Am curious. You mentioned in another thread that you were banned from SC before. What was the reason for that? What was your previous user name?

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Thank you

previous username was Ferdinandreitet.

I got banned for the same reason I got thrown out by my family it’s a pattern bro lmao :joy:

Jk I mentioned another’s sub makers name and idk I have a way of messing everything up.

I give myself 3 days before I get shadow banned Lmao :joy:

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Ah I think I remember that name. Welcome back bro.

This time try to follow the forum rules. I think you can do it. If you need something like an accountability partner, feel free to tag me lol.

Consider it part of the subliminal process. Plus the recon is reduced with the ZP files being upgraded to 320kbps. So that will help.

I don’t think Aegis Initiative Survival Instinct is upgraded yet but it will be done soon.

Don’t look back at the previous builds. Embrace the upgrade and upgrade your life too.


Well yes thank you.

I just had a major thought. What if building houses and starting farms was a major distrust in nature.

Neville Goddard called this world woodland well not for no reason because it is mainly water land and trees.

Come to think of it people in Stone Age lived under the trees and they were grounded all times their chi was filled with that from ground and trees :deciduous_tree:. That chi is what nourished their life with positive manifestations. I know it from experience I have a grounding mattress and it sort of manifests money for me sometimes.

What if living in nature manifests all the good things that we all chase after while living in populated city’s and towns completely ungrounded and stress inducing environments.

Only problem is winter but still they survived in stone ages even in winter and cold

Maybe this is result of listening to aegis. But I have a strong urge to go live in the woods.


I think all the people on the forum running CHOSEN: The Way of Nature is affecting you haha.

Jokes aside, it is better to make that decision from a place of abundance. Get a job, get your mind and money right and then decide what you want to do.

It will be much better that way instead of taking a path because of choice rather than from a place of having none.

lol I’m listening to Regen and aegis.

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@eric_stroman - what other titles do you have?

diamond ascension paragon legacy dragon.

I will add ascension to my stack

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Perfect. If I were you, I would just do Survival Instinct and Ascension. But adding Regeneration to it is fine.

Please follow the listening instructions:

Day 1: Ascension x1, Survival Instinct x1
Day 2: Rest
Day 3: Regeneration x1
Day 4: Rest

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