Regarding subs that can change your eye color


Or your height and such… are these even real or merely a hoax? Can subclub’s subs do that?


Try this thread:

There are people that have experienced success with superficial changes, like eye color or skin tone. My theory is that it is possible to trigger these things using mental effort, subliminals or otherwise. Since they wouldn’t affect the genetic code, the change would likely revert a while after you stop listening.

As for height or certain male genitalia, these are changes that require extensive work that can take a long time (we’re talking years) to do naturally and would require the body to release hormones, stem-cells and so on. It is probably possible, much like how the fascia can remodel themselves if you stress them consistently for a long period of time, or a story I once heard of a tiny man that spent some time every day hanging from a pullup bar while his wife hung on to him in order to make him grow taller.

As the Great Bard wrote:
“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

I don’t exclude the possibility, since I prefer not to shut myself off from anything that could benefit me, but perhaps we don’t quite know how to do it yet.

As for SubClub subs, several of them (especially the fitness-centered ones), seek to trigger the body to balance the hormonal levels and produce the right chemicals at the right time. Several people have noticed faster recovery times from exercise while on Khan Stage 2 for example. The same is likely on Spartan or the upcoming Emperor Fitness.

On the same line, it is possible that the body on subs may start producing more growth hormone or whatever is needed.

You would still have to do things to assist the body in creating the change, it won’t happen while sitting on the couch and it won’t happen overnight.

To clarify, at this time, none of the subs at SubClub contain instructions that would change your height or other physical attributes. They do contain code that helps you with correcting posture, healthy habits and maintaining a healthy weight. Each of these things will be perceived by others as physical change. Add to that an improved mental image of yourself and you may very well get compliments on how you look different than before.