Redpill & Modern Society Perspectives

Most of these modern age gurus such a Tate and Rollo has been talking a lot about alpha male etc . Their definition of alpha male is ancient.

How can one apply implement those mindsets in today’s environments?

I personally feel we need to adopt the modern alpha.

What do you guys think?

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What do you mean by modern alpha tho?

People pay too much attention to tags like “alpha male”, “beta male” and so on. Ultimately, it’s all about living your life the way you consider right avoiding what’s blatantly wrong like harming our brothers and sisters.


Ancient alpha is the tyrant. Don’t mess with me more like a king ruler.

Modern alpha will be the more understanding and highly social alpha.




You could look into Spiral Dynamics and discuss with @sid about that. Very interesting topic and it is a model about the value development. There are other colors, not just blue and red :wink:

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I’m not so sure that their definition of the Ancient Alpha is the tyrant

What gave you that impression?

I observed how the kings etc used to operate.
There was not much law or societal structures to push you back or hold you into place.
This gave men a lot of freedom.

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It’s less about the external world and circumstances that they had.
It’s more about their Alpha Male mindset.

Ambition, conquer, dominance, competitive nature, masculine fire etc.
If you don’t have any of that, then you’re out of touch with your masculinity and suppressing it.
I think that’s mainly what those gurus push, which is not a bad thing.

You can integrate that in the modern world, no?

What do you think?


If I had to apply what Andrew Tate discusses in the real world I will find women running in the opposite direction.

The Masculine fire and drive yes you can apply that but to an extent since when ita applied too much comes of as a threat to many unsecure men.

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I’m not too familiar with him but from what I have seen, he’s accurate about a lot of things such as the suppression of masculinity.

What exactly has he discussed that would cause women to run in the opposite direction if you were to apply it?

Obviously it’s going to be a threat to insecure men… Lol
That applies to everything.

Making money is a threat to insecure people.
Attracting beautiful women is a threat to insecure people.
Getting your perfect body is a threat to insecure people.

So it’s a “threat”, do we just sit around and do nothing?
Who cares about them, lol they won’t even have any effect on your life


Making in known to women that you sleeping around. Women want the commitment…like how the Feminine imperative schools them.

Women now days hate a man that doesn’t follow their ways or dance to their tunes so to speak.

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I 100% disagree, in most of my experience (I have a lot lol) that’s not the case.

What you’re missing in this vague generalized statement is context.

What type of women?

and way more importantly,

What type of man?

Here’s the thing…
You say “women nowadays” so you’re immediately talking about majority in today’s society.

If you’re talking about the majority of women, then that would also be in regard to the majority of men.

Majority of men in today’s society are complete feminized beta males with no pair of balls, no testosterone and have the masculinity/self worth drained out of them.


I’ve done it with success, lol.

It depends on the man and their internal framework.

If you’re not the typical man, then it’s a different game.
Women are automatically submissive when you are congruent in your masculinity.
It’s rarely ever seen, because 99% of men aren’t congruent in their masculinity, lol.

The benchmarks, norms and expectations that are built around the majority get thrown out the window when you start growing because you’re no longer the majority.

The answer to everything is quite simple - just don’t be the majority of men lol.
Women won’t know how to respond to you. You just auto-win everything

You can’t just watch videos and listen to gurus and apply it right away expecting it to go how you think it’s going to go.

If average joe who has a typical relationship with his wife goes and tells his wife that he wants to sleep with other women… she’ll probably laugh and make him sleep on the couch.

You need CONGRUENCE. That’s where the subliminals come in such as Godlike Masculinity, Ascension, Wanted, Emperor, Khan, etc. Raising the sense of status, power and masculinity to where you become completely immune to any shit-test of any woman on the planet while also becoming irresistible to them to the point where they can’t let go of you because you have too much character, etc unlike 99% of the sapped beta male type of men they encounter on a daily basis. Lol

Be congruently alpha = answer to most things


@pacman - @Luther24 is correct (as he usually is)

To add to what he said, allow me to explain the redpill a bit. The redpill is basically knowledge of sexual dynamics between men and women.

And what is this dynamic? It is a biological drive (due to evolution) in men and women that influences their mating strategy.

Which is that men want to spread their seed (quantity of women) while women look for the best man (quality of men).

Now what happens if you have a high quality male (the one with status/looks/game)? He has options to spread his seed and usually won’t commit to one woman. So usually women have sex with him in her younger years and when she is around 28 to 31 and decides to settle down, she goes for a man who provides her financial security.

This is what Rollo Tomassi teaches. The biology of men and women.

What Andrew Tate does with this knowledge is apply it to his life. He is a rich, tall, muscular, alpha who knows he is desired by women and hence he doesn’t have to commit to one women and can get his sexual strategy of having quantity of women met.

Now I won’t say that you should do the same. If you want, you can be a happily married man with a loving wife. But knowledge of female nature will serve you well in your relationship with women whether they be related to you or romantic.

There are all these expressions and jokes about not understanding women but that is what the redpill provides.

I understand it is a controversial topic in this day and age but the RP has opened my eyes to how the world actually works instead of living in a disney fairy tale.

Add this knowledge with SC subliminals and you have a superpower very few men possess.


Lol right, too many men living in the fairy tale world,

when men choose to keep living in those worlds then they end up learning redpill the hard way and sometimes it can be traumatic lol. One can only live the fairy tale for so long

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Agreed, bro. Had the redpill rage for a while. But thank goodness am over that phase haha.

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