Sorry to ask this again, but I’m still running Ascension (Sometimes Inner Circle) and I feel like confused…
This weekend I had no desire to do anything special at all. Even more today, I didn’t have motivation
to do ANYTHING. Feel a bit like I’m wasting my weekend, but I don’t feel like doing something today.

No desire to hangout, neither talk to my family. We’re in good terms, just that I don’t feel so chatty right now. I don’t want to anything. I just have to study, which I’ll do without hesitation, but I feel like nothing
has flavor currently. Video games have lost my interest, a bit hopeless, a few cravings here and there…

I’m still pushing through, just that it surprised me this unusual behavior of mine these two days.

Thankfully, it’s just this moment. Ascension has surprised me even more since I turned 17 this year.(December 5th) These 2 weeks Ascension has worked awesome for me, even better than all of November.

The duration of this… process lasts depending each person I assume?

I’m deciding if it’s time to change to a major program, been deciding for almost 3 weeks now.


Keep pushing through. Reconciliation commonly manifests as headaches, boredom, depression and most commonly, a strong urge to switch subs. From what we’ve seen, the urge to switch subs occurs right before breakthrough. Seems to be a last ditch attempt from the subconscious to get you to stop listening. Remember, the subconscious seems to be resistant to change due to the fact that its main goal is keeping you alive, and change equates to danger.

Show the subconscious that it’s okay to change by working with the subliminal’s goals. Even when you feel like you don’t want to do anything, just force yourself to do it. That will help resolve the reconciliation.


Thank you very much Saint, will do. I’m somewhat better right now. Will keep it up and thank you again for showing me this is just a natural process of the subliminal and our human self.

Your programs are such wonders. Funny how I almost don’t recognize my older self by the way.