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Hi everyone - first time to subclub and feeling confused with all the instructions. I purchased Limitless, Mogul, Regeneration and Rich Crypto (also downloaded Love Bomb). I guess I can only use 3 at a time? My first goal is to help eliminate a lifelong phobia – Regeneration? 2nd goal is to become a trader, hence Rich Crypto. What do you recommend as my 3rd?
Do you listen as you go to sleep or when awake? When listening to 2 in one day can you link them to automatically plan back to back or do you listen to one then find the other one and hit play? My MP3s are currently in dropbox.

What kind of phobia? Depends on your answer but Love Bomb for Humanity may be better than Regeneration, especially when you’re gonna stack it with a performance sub. Regeneration might keep bringing up your past mistakes or painful memories during the healing period.

Unless I know what your goals or where you are, it is unclear what the third sub will be, it is between Limitless and Mogul however.

You listen to two subs maximum on one day. This means AB subs in day 1, take a rest day (you can take as much rest days as you want though), C sub in day 3, take a rest day, and repeat.

You can listen to either sleep or awake. Download a music player, make a playlist for the two subs that are gonna be listened in one day, play them back to back.

Also know that it is okay to listen to less than the whole sub, e.g. 3/5/7 mins out of the whole 15 mins.


Thanks Chase! Phobia is fear of vomit - from some incident I can’t remember before age 4. The fear shows up almost daily so I’d really like to eliminate it. Maybe the love bomb can help with many of my issues - fear, lack of confidence, anger, etc. I guess that’s why they say love covers a multitude of sins.

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Hi! Welcome to Sub Club :smiley:

To answer some of your questions:

Yep, only three at a time.

I’m not sure if this is something that is dealt with by Regeneration, but I could be wrong. Maybe you could use Regeneration with Ascension Chamber to consciously guide the result.

If you’re interested in trading I’d probably suggest using Mogul and RICH Crypto together along with Regen which will help with healing towards those areas too.

However I know you said about:

In that case I’d recommend Love Bomb or my personal favourite Love Bomb for Humanity which has aided me with many of the issues you wanted help with.

You can do either, just make sure it’s set to one loop. You need to make sure, if you have three subs, that you listen to two on one listening day and the other on the next listening day. Rest day(s) in between.

For the two, they can be played one after the other straight away. No need to press play on the second one manually.

Just remember, one loop only per listening day.

Edit: The subs I’ve suggested are free from Sub Club as gifts. Also, Ascension Chamber is a booster (an add on to the three limit) so you can use it once a week after your main loops without exceeding the three sub limit rule.

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Amazing, thank you!!

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Curious, what triggers that phobia? What stimulus gives you the fear/discomfort?