Rebuilding Mind and Body: Spartan and Quantum Limitless


I wasn’t sure about creating this journal. I’m still not sure.

I’ve enjoyed good health and vitality and a sharp intellect for most of my life, but about a month ago I was hit with a health crisis.

The symptoms were both physical and mental. Physically my muscles became weak and stiff and injury prone, even walking could easily result in a sprained tendon, and I would wake with random pain in joints and muscles. I also had a lot of headaches, dizziness and nausea. Mentally I would randomly get periods of confusion, mental exhaustion, and there were times I would struggle badly to remember basic things, e.g. my address. Turned out to be a major chemical imbalance causing all this, although what triggered it is unknown. I’m undergoing treatment by my doctor via medication, which is helping, but the treatment cycle will likely be several months or longer.

I had been running Alchemist at the time, but about 3 weeks ago I stopped and went back to Spartan, which is the closest thing to a health sub we have here. I’m pretty bummed about stopping Alchemist, but I’ll get back to it next year. I’m also adding Quantum Limitless, hoping ST1 will help with the mental issues. Normal exercise is currently not feasible due to risk of injury, but I’ve started using the 5 Tibetan Rites to get my body moving and help regain some strength.

To be clear, I’m undergoing proper medical treatment for this and not relying on these subs, but I’m hoping they’ll help with re-balancing my body and rebuilding my health, especially given some recent experiences. I also figured this would be a good opportunity to test these subs in a more demanding situation. I don’t know how frequently I’ll update this journal at this point, maybe weekly.

I’m using the experimental listening pattern outlined here. During the week I’ll run masked through headphones at work for about 12 hours per day only. During weekends it’ll be ultrasonic for about 12 hours per day only. No listening during sleep. I’ll be running Spartan and QL ST1 in a 1:1 ratio for now, but I may change this once I get a feel for QL ST1. I’ll likley run ST1 until the end of the year since it focuses on re-balancing.


Summary of last 3 weeks:

As mentioned 3 weeks ago I started listening to Spartan and doing the 5 Tibetans. I started with only 3 reps per day for each rite. Every movement was done slowly to avoid injury. The first rite sucked especially bad as it made me severely dizzy. I’m currently doing 9 reps per day and increasing slowly.

What’s weird is about a week ago I started feeling this sense of highly masculine power at random times, and during these periods my body felt much stronger and almost normal. I can only attribute this to Spartan, since neither the medication nor the rites seem likely to have caused this. I’d used Spartan for 3 months in the past, but never felt anything like this. Not even Khan made me feel this intensely masculine. It was hugely unexpected but very welcome. Is was actually this experience that made me consider creating a journal.

Happy with my progress so far.


finally a spartan journal, following


Yes! Looking forward to more.


I’ve been running QL ST1 for a week now, in conjunction with Spartan.

Mentally I found QL to be quite stimulating from the start, allowing me to cut down on coffee quite a bit. I feel a lot sharper, and only had a couple of minor episodes where I found it difficult to remember something. So this week was definitely much better. I’ve also been feeling groggy when my alarm goes off, which is unusual for me, so I think QL is putting me into a delta state much more than I used to. I don’t have a way to track my sleeping though so I’m just speculating, but I might look into buying a sleep monitor. When I get up I feel fine quickly though, much quicker than normal.

Physically last week was generally better, I felt less stiff and moved more smoothly, although I still had some odd pains and minor sprains. Still had headaches as well. So physically the improvement was less but still noticeable. My libido has been increasing recently, probably Spartan giving my testosterone a boost.

Currently on 13 reps of the rites, and keep feeling like I should do more, which I guess is Spartan talking. But an injury now would set me back so sticking to gradual increases. Consistency is more important here than rapid increases. But once I hit the traditional 21 reps for the rites I’ll add some calisthenics as well. I didn’t choose the rites by accident though, they have beneficial effects that go beyond what the simple movements should provide, and I think I’m seeing some of the benefits coming through in a greater feeling of vitality.

The last few days I’ve also been feeling randomly itchy in spots, a classic detox rash I think. I’m taking it as a good sign for now. It’s a long road back, I know there’ll be ups and downs. But I believe consistency and discipline over the long term will get me there.


One thing I forgot to mention.

I’ve had an irregular heartbeat for as long as I can remember. I’ve always been asymptomatic, it doesn’t cause me any problems and my cardiologist didn’t find anything wrong with me, it’s just my “normal”.

Well the last 2 weeks my heartbeat has been steady as clockwork. No irregularity at all. This has only happened once before, back around May this year. Coincidentally I was running Spartan then as well. Is there something about Spartan which is helping my heartbeat become regular? Damned if I can explain it, but there it is.


Do you listen while sleeping?


No, only during the day.


Oura ring for a perfect sleep monitor. Have been feeling also groggy lately when waking up. Running stage 1 Quantum Limitless. I think it has to do with all the restructuring going on into the brain which happens in a delta state just like you’re saying.


[quote=“bujin, post:6, topic:2537”]
Well the last 2 weeks my heartbeat has been steady as clockwork. No irregularity at all. This has only happened once before, back around May this year. Coincidentally I was running Spartan then as well.

Wow that is something amazing .
Keep us posted how you are doing with this change


Haven’t updated in a while, sorry.

So, the mental issues cleared up completely by the second week running QL. I believe QL was at least partly responsible for that since I experienced rapid improvements in clarity over that time. My brain felt as though it was back to running normally. The morning grogginess only lasted a few days then went away.

I haven’t noticed any other effects from QL yet e.g. improved learning etc, but then I was always very good at learning new things and have an exceptional memory and analysis skills. However I’m still on ST1, so will see what happens with the later stages. But ST1 helped me get back to my normal level. I’ll be running ST1 until the end of the year, then moving to ST2.

Physically it’s been slower progress, but I’ve continued with practicing the rites nightly and listening to Spartan. I still have some bad days, but generally feel stronger and more supple than before.

Overall my progress has been very good, and my doctor is reducing my medication. I’m glad, it has some unpleasant side effects of its own.


Although there are still some bad periods, I feel noticeably stronger and more supple each day. The risk of straining something just walking or being active is greatly reduced, although not yet gone.

But I’ve been patient long enough, I can feel the desire building inside me each day, it’s time to start pushing myself again.

I’m still on Spartan and QL-1 at 1:1, but looking to change things up a bit in the new year. At that point will move to QL-2 and maybe swap Spartan out for something else, but I want to maintain my drive going forward. Emperor v4 sounds entertaining from the early descriptions.

I really want to go back to Alchemist but it doesn’t feel right yet. I have to follow my gut, and it’s guiding me in a different direction for now.


Big improvements over the last week, coming in strong for the end of the year. My doctor wants to move me off the medication completely now so tapering off. He originally told me to expect 6-12 months treatment, and I’m coming off after only 3 months, so very happy with this.

I think both subs helped, although QL-1 was particularly noticable in getting my mental processing back to where it was.

Will likely have limited exposure to subs over the next week due to holidays and family, but looking forward to running QL-2 and Emperor v4 in the new year.

I’ve achieved my goal so closing this journal.


Damn ql seems to have amazing reviews