Reality-Shifting Thread

I would like to start a thread about reality-shifting using Sub Club subliminals and I hope users can share their experiences.

This thread is about shifting to seemingly impossible, unnatural unlikely scenarios and for people who are not so interested in achieving their goals by conventional means.

What do I mean by achieving goals “by conventional means”?

For example, if you want to be a CEO of a multinational company, you might want to go to business school, then join a powerful company as a manager and then work your way up.

What if you could imagine yourself as CEO of Apple everyday and your imagination becomes reality in a much shorter period of time depending on how good you are at imagination? Your subconscious mind when imagining does not really bother about whatever world limiting beliefs that you impose on yourself in the 3-D world (e.g. I must work hard, things take time, I need lots of luck, I am not American, etc).

Or another example would be imagining yourself as a top body-builder every day, instead of spending time working out and cutting down on your favourite foods. Your subconscious does not believe that you should work out and eat healthy unless you tell it.

Of course, limiting beliefs is another issue that has to be addressed, but you still have to address limiting beliefs if you want to achieve your goals by conventional means.

Basically, I’m interested in how many people believe in getting from Point A to Point Z directly, without having to go through various intermediary points like Point B, Point C etc. I’m personally learning how not believe that you must clear every stage of the pyramid before you reach the top.

And that’s why I am looking forward to Ultima Dreams so much. A lot of reality-shifting can be enhanced through lucid-dreaming.


I’ll weigh in here. While you can shortcut the process on a lot of goals, especially very generalized ones like “become a billionaire” there has to be some mechanism by which that happens in the physical world.
If you want to become the CEO of Apple, the board of directors have to have heard of you and you have to have somehow impressed them enough that they think you’re the best person for the job. That can’t happen if all you’re doing is sitting on a mountaintop meditating on becoming the CEO of apple.
It MIGHT be possible to convince your body to get to a top bodybuilder level of fitness with just your mind, but that would likely take more effort than doing it the old fashioned way and adding in some mind programming to help. So why do it?

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Technically, no. The supporters of this theory would say that there is a reality out there where all these prerequisites have already occurred and all we have to do is align ourselves with the moment afterwards. In a way, B-Y still happened, we just didn’t waste our valuable time experiencing them, but instead went directly to the end result, which includes all the memories of learning and networking. The big question is if we’d remember how it was before. In other words, have we already shifted but become unaware of it?

I suppose this confronts us with the most commonly held limiting belief: things take time. The belief that has cursed most of the weight loss and muscle gain out there.

Some things will take time because we have a lesson to learn from B-Y that we actually desire to learn whether we are aware of it or not.

Next, even if we could, we still have to deal with the delay that we’ve built into ourselves. A delay meant to allow us to not shift into every reality that we think about. Otherwise, all our nightmares and emotional outbursts would come true.

Hence, this delay can only go away once we’ve established true control over our thoughts.

I’m not saying I’m a believer, but I am aware of the idea.


Carpe Diem Ascended

Raikov, secrets of akasha, Natural Winner, but with some modifications/inversions.

Individuals at the top of a hierarchy usually get there since they provide value, not necessarily skill. This is proven by offloading of work to subordinates (Offshore).

I would say it would be counter-intuitive to copy those at the top as well, since these individuals typically fake their efforts to seem superior. In Japanese culture dedication is sleeping on the job, rather than appearing to be busy like in western culture to fake dedication. (Raikov)

This poses the question, “Chicken or the egg?”. Usually the true leaders are the ones who actually tried the hardest. The movie ‘Dark Knight Rises’.
"Victory has defeated you.". It is not possible to be superior to an adversary who grew as your equal, through dedication/effort. (Natural Winner)


This pop reference, instead of making a ‘one million dollar deal’, sell one million products for a dollar. (Akasha)

Sorry if this is OT, just wanted to drop some stuff here.

Time is but a human construct. But I agree it is one of the most stubborn limiting beliefs to clear.

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Is this what you are talking about?

I’ve also pondered this stuff. But I think of energetic exchange. Maybe it’s another limiting belief but everything in life has energetic exchange. You don’t get something for nothing. Strong reality shifting seems like it would require a lot of energy because it’s not traveling the path of least resistance if it exists outside of the collective. Meaning the more “out there” it seems, the more you need to funnel it into your reality where it won’t get rejected easily. Of course that is entirely based on the assumption that a collective group of people do create a sort of web of belief that can act like a ceiling. Sort of like gravity pulling more outrageous manifestations back down to earth.

That’s my theory at least. Having said that if you work within the right “channels” I believe the process can take some hops but it should be smooth. Personally to me it doesn’t matter how, I’ve long since abandoned my desire to completely snap reality in half vs bending it.

But I do agree with the time limiting beliefs. I don’t think we should perpetuate the belief that everything takes time. Especially when it comes to something like skill building and you have evidence of people picking stuff up quickly vs others struggling for years. Time becomes irrelevant because it seems more tied to the individual.

Having said all that, once again I don’t know anything. It’s all just speculation. I know there was that Shane Missler guy that won the lottery with Neville’s teachings. Question is, was that really a result of the teachings or was it going to happen anyway? How can we ever really know?

Admittedly I’m the least experienced person when it comes to reality shifting/manifesting (I view them as the same). So what I say might not hold any weight.

Depends on how large your idea of the collective is. The theory of the collective consciousness envelops all of humanity and it doesn’t care whether I am king or somebody else, it simply acknowledges there is (and should be) a king. Within that framework it would be possible to shift into that reality without any “objection.”

When it comes to people learning fast, there’s also the theory that all knowledge is already part of this existence and if we know how to access it, we can close our eyes, think for a moment, open them and say “I know Kung Fu.”

Although I can imagine doing advanced Kung Fu for even 10 minutes may leave you with advanced muscle aches the rest of the week if you’ve never done it.

Of course, much is this traces back to the Monistic viewpoint that all is one and one is all.

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One aspect the collective mind I noticed, as well as in myself…is the use of symbols to attribute meaning, in effort to explain phenomena.

This is key to the concepts of metaphysics, akasha, dialectics, structuralism, semiotics… these are all permutations of this concept, using symbols to explain meaning, in subjects, in order to order and simplify reality (Physical).

All of these philosophies analyse the Link between objects (subjects).

Here is a good quote to explain this…

Everything Should Be Made as Simple as Possible, But Not Simpler

Exactly, of course King is just a symbol that can be shuffled/reinterpreted in many (maybe countless/endless) ways.

Interesting reference to monism, I will look into that… Thanks. Not sure what I think of it currently.