Realistic natural gains

Oh boy i was shook, i had so much high expectations

Seems like everyone is enhanced :rofl::rofl:

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@Invictus take a look at this

I’ve been on the r/nattyorjuice subreddit lately. It’s crazy. Teenagers on SARMS. Practically anybody with a gymshark sponser. Pro/Amateur Athletes. Movie stars. If you see anyone that says “Natural Transformation”


Yeah, those influencers from the past decades claiming to be natty really damaged our expectations.

Check out Derek from MoreplatesMoreDates, very informative and honest.


Chicken, Rice and Brocolli :stuck_out_tongue:

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The good ol CRB.

A YouTuber that I watch is Philion. He’s the one that showed me this side of fitness

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Its crazy, literally ive seen tons on instagram reels i cant believe that every single one of them is almost juiced, what the actual hell

Sooo manu teenagers are juiced wtf, i wanted to quit going to the gym cause my gain are sooo loowwwww

And everyone whos an athlete in my gym is juiced the hell out, they look huge,

Now i can lower my expectations and enjoy the ride rather than thinking ill get as big as those guys or near them

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The weird thing that you never stumble upon these videos

All you see is that natural transformation videos of jeff said :rofl::rofl: broooooo this is unreal

I cant believe ive never seen a real video like this one ive posted

It’s definitely demoralizing at first. I get why they do it tho. If you get that one good Instagram/TikTok post. You could make an easy five/six figures. I wish they would just come out and say they are taking these drugs. Everybody would still respect them.

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Yeah i love that about the bodybuilding community, they dont actually care if you juice, as long as you admit it

Honestly I thought clearnce kennedy was natural untill he did a Q&A then i was shook

He simply said no im not natural

It still takes dedication and hard work to hone you body for what you pursue even with PEDs


Totally i agree :+1:t3:

Teddy(oops it was Scooby, I just got the endy correct ayyy) is a good guy (I think it his name feel free to correct me if I’m wrong)
And he really help in the domain of not giving deceiving goal and many other things

BUT ! Because there is a but, there is a few of his exemple that are just attainable in the time frame he says “very not much likely” I myself used to be a stick and gained a lot within 1,5-2 years in my starting years in Workouts you can really acheive a lot within 3-5 years of constant work and pretty much be at your peack within this time frame depending at what age you are and other factor ofc (10 year is if you’re taking your time with it honestly)

But of course his point is valid because he’s talking about gymsharks guys wich are not a thing to look at as a natural goal, but I have to tell you that greatness can be acheived and probably above your expectation if you’ve got low goals in mind.
You don’t need to be a 1% to get a dream muscular body IMHO, just don’t set small time frame and Men’s physics/bodybuilder competition type of goal that’s it

With that said, peace ! I’m out and strength to those going on this road of bettering your physic

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Yup. If they look super-awesome, they’re certainly using make-up, spanx, pushup bra, butt lifter, photoshop, and more.

Hey wait … you were looking at guys online!


Scooby is a legend. :bowing_man:t2:

Another fun, over-the-top guy, always roasting fake nattys is Greg Doucette. :+1:t2:


Hahhaha greg is funny,


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