Reading in dreams


How many of you cannot read stuff in your dreams?

I have heard that many can’t. I just had a dream where the text was quite clear and I never had a problem reading text in my dreams. Having said that, I have never read a novel in my dreams.

I hope to do so one day.

Update : I just remember that I was reading a short letter from somebody in that dream I made, apart from seeing the prices of some hairdressing services.


It is generally the case that text is not legible in dreams. One of the classic signs for a reality check involves checking whether the text is legible or if it changes after looking away and looking back.


I have actually never heard of somebody that’s able to read in a dream. Or, to be more specific, be able to read, look away, then look back and have the text be the same as before. Interesting…


I have read some short words in a large font like the cover of a book for instance, but I don’t think I’ve ever read paragraphs of text. I think this could be because short words are almost like a symbol.


Dr. Strange did


Apologies, I meant non-fictional somebodies. I should have been clearer. :wink:

Actually, wasn’t he astral projecting? Which is like the coolest ultimate version of lucid dreaming.


I am able to read fine in dreams, including looking away and looking back and it’s still the same.

Text never changes for me unless I happen to be lucid and WILL it to change. But that’s pretty boring in itself. It’s never worked for me as a reality check.


Freak! :wink:

Just kidding. Kind of cool, you must have a strong will then. Which reality check does work for you? Having 6 fingers? Digital clocks?


all my reading and posting on this forum is done in my dreams.


Nothing works for me. I’ve had MAYBE 2-3 LDs since August of 2007. Most recent was one I had whilst listening to MET2 in bed along with a few others. LDs have been sparse for me for a while. I’d love to get my LDs back lol


DREAMS Ultima.


I am reading this while dreaming.:slight_smile:

In fact, sometimes I dream about people posting stuff on this forum which I read, and I have dreamt about receiving PMs from people like Malkuth and Saint Sovereign. Of course, such dreams don’t come that often.

Life is all but a dream. My goal is to learn how to wake up from the dream I live in. A lucid dream is just being awake from my current dream.


Surprisingly, I’ve yet to have a dream involving SubClub forums or characters.


I’d love a sub that gets you featured in potential lovers’ dreams. Meeting them the next day, noticing how uncomfortable they get remembering their dream, pretending like I have no idea what’s happening while grinning on the inside. :slight_smile:

Actually, those dreams where somebody sends a PM or makes a forum post are annoying. Next time on the forum I’m left wondering where that post went and spend the next 20 minutes searching for it, because I KNOW it has to be there somewhere.