Raphael's Khan Journal

Okay so my goals for this combination of subliminals will be to build my empire of wealth and women while at the same time using my creativity to focus largely on my writing skills to build my career.

Everyone says I should write some books (based on what I write on some social media sites and blog) and I would love to do the same but have yet to start. So will use Khan and Ultimate Artist to make a breakthrough here.

Would also like to add that my search for eye healing is taking me to an experimental treatment (which I will do in a month’s time) that has high chances of working based on previous successful results for others having the same issue. So for that reason, I am halting my search for physical health using subliminals for the moment and just affirming good health using Neville Goddard’s principles of the law of attraction. In fact, I believe I attracted this treatment by affirming that my eyesight is already perfect while being told that I will go blind by doctors.

With that out of the way, my stack will be:

Khan ST1 x 3
Ultimate Artist x 1
(both masked and while sleeping. Will start with this until I figure out the ultrasonic)

Will be doing this based on recommendations to stack Ascended Mogul with Ultimate Artist (by @SaintSovereign I believe) and also seeing someone else recommend stacking Khan and UA the same way (I think it was @AMASH who suggested this if I am not mistaken)

Will journal as when I see results. And this time I am committed wholeheartedly to this journey.

Progress Report:
-16 days of Khan ST1 and Ultimate Artist (done)


Yes! Actually, Khan ST3 and ST4 on its own gave me a HUGE creativity boost.

I never experienced writers’ block anymore. I was overflowing with ideas. Sometimes, I would wake up in the middle of the night with an urgent to create and write something, and see clearly an image of it in my mind and put it down.

Khan is a VERY under-estimated sub for creativity. Also, for relating with people and also for sales.

If someone like @Hollywood knew how great Khan is, and how comprehensive it is, and how it molds and shapes to your goals, he wouldn’t think it was a seduction sub.

It’s what @SaintSovereign used now to build his wealth. And now that the colder months are starting, I am using Khan 100% for wealth, and it now makes me focus less on women and much more on entrepreneurship and creating art and writing, and manifesting mentors to me.

The way you see the world and other people when you get to Khan ST3 and ST4 it’s like you opened a portal into a new dimension where you are the king of the universe, of the whole world, and nobody is as creative, confident, powerful as you are. It just doesn’t even cross your mind.

Khan is just the best thing on this website, no doubt. It was horrible on ST1, and even worse on ST2, but when ST3 started, the positive momentum picked up, and it peaks at ST4.


Brilliant! Thanks for the confirmation, @AMASH. Makes me even more resolved seeing this reply.

And man, your journals and comments are some of the best. And you know that based on all the <3 's I give them of course lol.

Also, did you mention that there is some manifesting affirmations in ST4 of Khan? Am not sure where I read it. Read a lot of the posts on this forum so might have mixed up the names of those who are writing these down.


Yes, I know and I appreciate and thank you @Lion, you’re awesome, and I really wish you to become the artist that you truly want to be, and get surrounded by people who appreciate you really for who you are, without negative judgements.

Yes, Khan ST3 has a ton of manifesting affirmation, and ST4 even bigger and fuller manifestation technology. It’s in the sals page.

You will love it. I can’t wait for you to reach ST3! But do brace yourself. ST1 and ST2 have many ups and downs. Some days you’ll feel amazing, other days you barely can lift a finger, but a lot of change is happening inside that will make you the person you truly want to be.


Thank you, @AMASH. Will make sure to power through the tough times as much as I enjoy the results. Cheers to you too, my friend.


Do it please. Especially ST2 is so hard, I had thoughts of giving up almost every week, but I wanted the change and transformation so much that I simply did not give up.

And as soon as you get to ST3, you will see how much those hard times were worth it!


@Lion best of lucks man!! I’ll be reading all of your progress.


Day 1:

Feel pretty good after a night of listening to my stack. Still remember how down I felt when I listened to Khan ST1 when I first purchased it (when it was first released). Must be because I had already listened to it a few times that it’s easy for the moment. But of course, come rain or sunshine, I will continue.

Will add meditation and a few other practices (including writing rituals and eye exercises) to the subclub subs I am listening to. Gotta take action.

Am already doing OMAD (one meal a day) and cold showers for a couple of months now.

Will also have to look into Wim Hof


Day 1 (Part 2)

Was able to get my meditation (20mins) and eye exercises done today.

And aside from being plugged into my stack during sleep the previous night, I listened to another one and a half hour of it in the afternoon. Am motivated to listen to the subs as much as possible.

I also feel a vague sense of control as if the identity of Khan is shaping up within me. And the need for outside validation is lessening while at the same time being confident that I will get the attention I deserve when the time is right.


Almost forgot this. The dreams I get using SubClub subs are so damn crazy. For example, the last one I got (with my ears plugged in to my stack) was me saving some random kid from lions attacking in a school. Real live lions who are almost at every door while I close it after the kid runs in. And the damn kid is screaming in excitement every time it happens. And he keeps doing the same damn thing all the time while I have to save his ass each and everytime. Funny only after I wake up in a sweat haha


Maybe your subconscious trying to tell you something? Is it the same kid or different kids doing the same thing?


@d1gz - It’s the same kid. Any idea what it means?

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As I have no training on psychology nor dream interpretation, I can only make a guess. Maybe the lions are problems you’re trying to keep out, while the kid is the younger you feeling excited about the thrill of danger. On the other hand, the current you just doesn’t want to face those problems so you’re trying to lock them out.
Again, it’s just a guess, so please don’t think too much on my response.


@d1gz - Very interesting. Was thinking about it for a while. Many of the people here have mentioned in their journals that they get this release from the past by either remembering some situations or having feelings about certain past happenings. Must be the same I feel when I dream, that am letting go of some fears and/or situations thanks to the subs

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Day 2:

Was able to wake up a bit earlier than usual. Did eye exercises immediately. Followed up with reading.

Interestingly, I have started having a recurring sneeze and blowing my nose. No one around me is sick nor is the environment dusty. I don’t feel a fever coming either. Wonder if anyone else had this issue and the letting out of mucus after listening to the subs here.

Also keeping to my NoFap streak which I restarted a few days before I started this stack of subs. I resolve to not spill my seed unless I am having sex. Would eventually like to learn how to have orgasms without ejaculating but that is a goal for another day.


It’s the inward programming. Brain thinks there’s an invasion of bacteria, so it responds with flushing it out with mucus. Give it some time.


@Michel - that must be it because I have a spoonful of Black Seed Oil everyday to get my immunity up (among other things). And not had cold or sneezing since I started using it a year back.


I’ve listened to many other products which gave me some serious flu-like symptoms. I knew I didn’t have a cold either. It’s the way they’ve written their affirmations. If you don’t believe it, it’ll let you know hard.

The good thing about SubClub is the near absence of resistance.


I don’t remember my dreams, so the way I get stuff released when on the subs is not even to remember a specific situation.

I just get scared or pissed off or feel emotionally shaky for a few days, then some day I just feel good and strong and things affect me much less in the world around me.

That’s how I know I let go of stuff.

So there are many different ways and options. I hope you take that into consideration.


@AMASH - Ah yes. Different people process it differently I guess. Sometimes each person can react differently at different times too. It depends on what’s being let go underneath and how the body reacts, I guess.

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