Quit Smoking Subliminal?

Can we achieve that through subliminals?
If yes, is it a possibility that you guys produce one in the future?

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Hi @SubDreamer,

Have you tried Allen Carr’s method?
I have smoked for 13 years, then I decided to stop. Over a week I tried nicotine gum, patches, hypnotherapy, nothing worked. Then I read Allen Carr’s book over the week end, I started reading it Friday night and on Monday I had my last cigarette. ever. It was back in 2013.

Give it a try :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for the recommendation, will definitely look into it.

I stopped smoking only with subliminals… I was smoking 2 packs a day for 10 years. I cant give you the name of the producer of subliminal here of course :slight_smile: but I can assure you it works. You have to want to quit of course. The subliminal will help you to sustain it. I totally stopped smoking in one day and it is more than 10 years ago…

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I tried hypnosis to stop but after few days I was back to smoking. But a friend told me to try subliminals . Since then I am a fan of subliminals !

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I shared a resource recently on here for quitting porn which uses Allen Carr’s method but focused on stopping porn. Same results for those who read that: they read it and just quit. Seems to be magic

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I tried it to stop smoking but did not work on long term

Smoking is an addiction.
You could try brainwave frequencies, as there are many documented for addictions.

My girlfriend quit smoking using Regeneration. It wasnt one of her goals when she started using it, but as she became more dettached and more relaxed she began to smoke less and less until she didnt want to anymore.
Its been aprox 1 year since.


Allen Carr? Jimmy Carr’s sister?

A quit smoking module would exist if it were as highly requested as PoMaQ was.

Regeneration is great.

I would request one for quitting all forms of nicotine addiction. Smoking, chewing, vaping, ect.

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A module designed to take your willpower to the next level whenever you deal with addictions of any kind – smoking, porn, alcohol, etc. Keep in mind, taking action and having a doctor’s advice is always paramount.


I think for those who are on PoMaQ, Stronger is a good general module to have once the main quitting process that PoMaQ is more directly related to is done.

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I suspect regenerationQ has stronger but not PoMaQ.

7x~ loops of regeneration led me towards positive development despite noPMO lapse. My impression is stronger just keeps pushing you to swap activities until you both enjoy the activity AND it is constructively challenging (Difficult made easy).

It definitely has this,


I imagine this module has overlap with growth through pain.

Isn’t there a overall willpower module :thinking: I have the addiction problem, but I’d prefer developping my overall power rather than only one…

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I would say stronger mainly deals with removing reliance on mental shortcuts. This could potentially benefit in areas outside of addiction.

The brain is a muscle, so to speak. (Pop reference)

It takes some strength to choose to develop something from a weak vantage point.

Something I wanted to do was learn a new language (chose mandarin, pictograms and Spanish), but have not continued since it is difficult. I would rather work smarter, reading equally difficult material that is simpler for my cognition to understand (NonFiction), as well as real world application (Theoretically).

If I don’t venture into the unknown because of comfort, how will I ever know if I can really accomplish something difficult, outside of my fantasy of intellectual competence, and miss out on something better, positive and constructive.

Idk, I will look into it I guess…

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For me Emperor and also to an extent godlike masculinity were always the subs to rely on when tough times comes off.

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