Question, specially from the co-founders

My father is a rich guy(not very rich) and a politician in a society which power goes from father to son(a typical third world country) I want to be a worthy successor.
But I am facing some problems, at first I have to be a good leader and a good leader needs some qualities which I don’t have. He needs to be fearless and by that I mean to execute fast. There are two types of execution, in conversation and in doing stuff. In conversation I mean by leading the conversation even if there is a thousand people crowd. Coming up with new topics, expressing your ideas fast and not keeping them in your mind(when I talk about something like a persuasion, when I think about it later better ideas come to my mind that I could say and I get frustratedso it should come fast) humor, asking for others ideas, shifting attention changing the topic, reframing fast(when I have an argument with someone he outframes me or he says something that proves me wrong and after an hour the thought which could prove him wrong comes to my mind, it does not come in the time it’s meant to).so my main problem in this part is not sharing my views with people and thinking before sharing them, I listened to a 4voice hypnosis session named fealess living by george hutton and It helped me alot in this part but since it was a 4 voice hypnosis session the result were short term but intense.
The second part od leadership is leading the execution of stuff like planning(the fastest planning and the most productive planning among others) and then telling others what to do or start doing a part of it and telling others what to do(the one who give the and plans, leads.

[Edit: Competitor removed]

So my problem: I fear talking about my ideas and also executing my ideas and I think it’s a deep fear rooted in me because of my father. For example: in a 5 people crowd, someone says something about sth or he has a problem which needs guiadance about. I dont think about my ideas and speak my mind and tell him what to do or tell my opinion on the topic. I get just silent and and look up to others. Another ex: I say my opinion on a matter another person disagrees or vice versa and I cant outframe him in the moment(i think its because his presence and belief he has on his Idea) but later I come up with a reason which I can win the argument with.
Example: I am sitting with my father and others and my mom comes and says she’s sick, instead of saying hey lets get you to a doctor or what is your problem, I just stay silent and show no response and subconciously wait for others to solve the problem.
Example: we are going to the doctor and my driver is going the wrong direction. And when he’s turning wrong, I am thinking about something else and all of a sudden I see he is wrong. Or I come up with the idea of which way to go lately and my driver leads before me.
Ex: I am not present in the moment and conversations

Overall I am this dependent guy who does not have idea of himself and look up for others.

Tip: when I smoked weed I was brilliant( in executio,reasoning and coming up fast with new ideas and leading). So the physical shape of my brain as an ADHD guy does not matter, but it’s more about beliefs which repress me. And thc numb that part of my brain which is limiting me.

I want to know is there any subliminal in here doing that?
For now I am using ascended mogul
I am really waiting for your advice guys


For your succession goal, the best stack would be Khan + Medici.

For just the high-speed brain, use Limitless.


Please edit out all references to the competitor. We don’t mention even the free stuff here.


Thanks simon
I read a post from saint where he said it’s okay to mention them if you are not promoting them.

When it comes to this subject… the thickness of the line between mentioning and promoting can sometimes make Planck-scale look big… :nerd_face:


Look into Emperor, I think it would fit the goals you mentioned here


I also recommend Emperor. In a stack with Power Can Corrupt.


As people have mentioned here, Power Can Corrupt (PCC) will work great for you. And I agree.

I have used PCC with Emperor and it worked like a charm. PCC will make you strong in your outward frame by helping you absorb the “48 Laws of Power” (the book written by Robert Greene).

It made me charming, calm, made my conversations powerful, humor became high status and I always held my frame no matter the situation.

If you read the PCC sales pages, it even says that it is made to work with certain titles best, which includes Ascended Mogul (AM).

I would recommend you run Ascended Mogul + Power Can Corrupt. Both are comparitively light subliminals (especially PCC) that you will get quick results.

After 2 or 3 months of AM + PCC, you can promote yourself to Emperor + PCC.


What @Simon said about “Emperor: House of Medici” is useful especially if you want to continue the family business.

In which case do 2 months of Ascended Mogul + Power Can Corrupt. After that do Emperor: House of Medici + Power Can Corrupt.


i like the idea to run emporer hom on basically all mine subs , but im not sure sometime the affect, but i do add it on all my customs

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I run some george hutton subliminals from time to time and other , i do reccomend his subliminal types texts , he surely knows a bit about sublimninals too i would assume. i would imagine these subliminals dont interfere and cause clashing issues etc.

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It’s recommended here that one does not run (Subliminal Club) products with titles from a competitor. So this isn’t necessarily accurate as far as I’m aware.

@DarkPhilosopher has this changed at some point?

Also, this being an online forum, I think that mentioning their name is essentially promotion as this text isn’t going anywhere any time soon and reading your experiences can lead to someone wanting to try that producer (not you specifically @vegancheese).

And think this is why most older members usually will say something like “a competitor” or “another producer”.

Now, in reply to the OP.





Are my stack ideas.

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Correct in both cases, you have won a fridge and continue on to the next round! Congratulations!

(Disclaimer: That was a joke, we do not currently have a SubClub fridge among our merch. What would a subconscious fridge look like anyway?)

The idea behind not mixing subs is that SubClub subs have reached a level of complexity where they are very carefully balanced to ensure they work correctly. Mixing them with non-SubClub subs may cause strange effects. Even if the other subs are good.

And please do not recommend competitors.

Thank you, Ninjistic.


I’ve been around long enough to have seen a few smackdowns when specific names (people, YT channels, companies) were mentioned, but I’d still like some clarity on what constitutes a competitor.

Presumably any random self-help book would not, but what if the books have audio downloads (meditations, binaurals, hypnosis) included?

How about hardware? Muse headband, CES or tDCS devices, light/sound entrainment devices? I can’t imagine those being considered competition.

I know this isn’t a major issue that demands any real effort, but it would be nice to have some clarity on what the criteria are that define a competitor that should not be mentioned.

Other sub producers are self-evident of course, but I’m curious what else falls under that category.

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This is an understandable question.

For now, any company that makes subliminals should not be mentioned.

As for other products or companies, at this point hardware such as muse headband, CES or tDCS devices, light/sound entrainment devices, I’ve left mentions of them alone, as well as books, meditation, binaurals, brain wave entrainment, and hypnosis.

For now if it’s a company or YT channel that has subliminals, do not post the name. Saying “I used to listen to subliminals on YT” is fine. Saying “I listened to channel [specific name of channel] on YT” is against the rules for posting.

“I listened to an aura product of another subliminal company” is fine. However naming the company, is against the rules for posting.

Does this help?

If there are other details, they will eventually be posted.


In a word?



start with ascension or emperor bro for your leadership needs and expand from there

you can even add daredevil or true social ultima to your stack to make you more social

Hello, I had kind of the same question @OldChap @Valygar

The subliminal Emperor was my first choice because it touches all areas of a man’s life. Unfortunately, after reading some threads, it seems to mainly target entrepreneurs listeners.
The subliminal Khan is also often recommended, however, I haven’t read many success stories outside personal power related to female attraction. Female attraction is good but it is only half of the picture.

Did someone have success with Emperor in a Director or VP position in a large company? Such roles need confidence, dominance but also leadership skills, intelligence, teamwork, etc.

Ascended Mogul does not, from what I understand, tackle all the life areas that Emperor targets. Am I right?

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Wrong Section, should be Questions and Comments :heart_eyes:

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If you think it is good to support the hereditary principle (presumably because it benefits you personally) you are barking up the wrong tree.

With that said what you need to do is find someone who is richer and more powerful than your Daddy but who got his position more from his abilities not just winning the ovarian lottery.

Then you need to model that behaviour.

Admittedly this is easier said than done.

However, you come from a third world country.

Women as a generality tend to have a better grasp of interpersonal dynamics than men because that is what they are interested in.

Therefore combine the two.

I imagine your country will have soap operas.

Soap operas are aimed at women because women are easy to sell to, but because it is a third world country the soap operas will not just have a beautiful lead actress finding love but set this against a backdrop of the super rich elite.

Hence you will get the good patriarch of a family always being calm, never having to raise his voice, having consideration for others and always being in control. And the baddy will be the opposite.

(Let us know what country you are from and I will see if I’m right about this, I bet I am because I think its pretty universal).

Another tip is to not talk too much, you let your underlings chatter and then you a make a decision.

But having said all this I bet you don’t really know anything of note, you have always been featherbedded and are probably a dilettante as well.

So because you start from such a low base you need AM which you already have and also a pair of balls.

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Hey thank
It has been a long time since I used those subliminals