Question on Superchargers & Subliminal's


Hi there,

I was wondering if I could play Superchargers while playing my Subliminal stack in the background to save time. I’m wondering whether or not this is advisable? Would this interfere in any way with the subliminal’s listened. My intuition tells me not as the subconscious mind is always listening and hears everything. On there other side of things it might be to much information at once for all of it to be accepted. Otherwise they could increase the Subliminal progress by thousands just by applying this technology into the programs. Just by having it layered four times on top of each other into one subliminal.

Any opinions, don’t hesitate to drop them below.

Thank you & have a very lovely day.


In theory, two subs clashing simultaneously is not a good idea. Superchargers have subs playing in the back like masked versions of subs,although I am not sure how similer they are to the masked versions.


The Superchargers are stated to have ultrasonic’s in the back. Which means if I were to use it with a masked version they wouldn’t be clashing as it is on different frequencies. Anyway I do think the subconscious has the ability to hear anything and everything that there is to be heard at any moment in time. Just need a confirmation to be sure.


It has been repeatedly recommended that you do not layer subclub’s products in this way. Not sure if it’s the scripting, the way they are constructed, or both - but Saint and Fire have said a few times that it will not be any added gain. That said, this forum is about experimentation. So if you want to try it then you are free to do so and please let us know about your results :slight_smile:


Superchargers are only 8 mins long and we shouldnt listen subs 24/7 i think there is plenty of time in the day to listen 1-2 superchargers. Ni need to overload your brain


I’m using subliminal’s 16 hours a day. But some days I cannot use my headphones all that much, because I either not at home or because I’ve got other stuff to do. So then I’ll need to listen as much as possible in the few hours I can listen, you see?


I’m not sure if the ultrasonic is useful on my Iphone. Otherwise I still can use ultrasonic on my phone when outdoors.


Yes your subconscious can handle a lot. But imagine if one subliminal already has 300 different voices or messages being spoken at once. And then double it with another 300. These guys have this down to a science so if they recommend not to do it like that, I wouldn’t. But of course they say you can experiment if you really want to.


Yes Ultras work on I phone. Even in generic crappy phones they work as long as you don’t hear distortion coming from the speaker.


Verifies allot, thank you. :pray:


Not entirely related to your question, but since the discussion has gone there…

It’s entirely subjective of course, SubClub can only recommend that which should work for everybody, not the fringe groups. Who knows, maybe Quantum Limitless graduates can handle running every sub in their stack simultaneously.