Question on listening to Subliminals


Is my phone speaker good enough to listen to say emperor while I am at work.


Well, what phone do you have?

You need to check and make sure that the frequency response for your phone’s speakers are 20hz-20khz, which means its capable of producing ultrasonic sound.

Its best if your speakers are able to produce sound in stereo, as I believe the subliminals are built to produce sound in the stereo field.

If they are mono speakers you will get some effect, but not as strong as you would with stereo sound.


I have an iphone x

I dont have speakers at my job and they don’t allow me to have them lol


The iPhone X is good enough to play ultrasonic subliminals at work. It can play up to 20khz and play in stereo.

You’re good to go.


awesome thank you

do you know what volume i should play it at


There’s an app called Frequensee that will show you the volume and frequency of sounds around you. I believe -60db on the app is most appropriate for listening, although I couldn’t find it on the support page.

You can read up on it here: