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Hi everyone,

First of all I want to wish everyone a merry Christmas! Next up I want to talk about affirmations, many of us know that billionaires have a very strict morning ritual, including affirmations. So 95% of our functioning: mood and emotions, habits, actions etc are being controlled by the subconscious. Of course we’re using audio subliminal’s and I’m also using visual subliminal’s to change this for the better. While using subliminal’s we’re directly bypassing the conscious mind the make a change upon our subconscious operating system. I do still think it is important to have something in our toolbox which is able to change the conscious mind at will, affirmations complements this very well. Because of this what our billionaires are doing is changing the subconscious by using that 5% conscious input which contains the conscious actions we take, because we can only use 5% of our total brain operation system to make a change it is said to take 66 days for a long term habit to take place. These Billionaires are daily establishing there mood in the morning straight when they wake up to be able to make a overal positive change upon the subconscious on long term as well as on the short term. Now I’m running Emperor and I’m wondering whether or not any of you can make me happy with a list of positive affirmations for Christmas. I’ve never really used affirmations as a habit and I would like to try it out to see how it would affect me and hopefully implement it into my morning routine. What I’m really looking for here are powerful positive affirmations which complement Emperor while at the same time working on positive emotions in turn changing my mood into something blissful straight up in the morning.

If anyone has experience with this, I would love to try out your affirmations list :slight_smile:, thank you and a Merry Christmas!


This is the first time i hear that billionaires have a morning ritual that includes affirmations.
But who knows. Elon Musk morning routine seems to be different for example:

If you are interested in affirmations you should also read this article. Its a double-edged sword.

Merry christmas also to you and your family. :grinning:


Thank you, I’ll definitely take a look at it. Yes, of course many billionaires if not almost every billionaire uses this in his morning routine. I’m not convinced about Elon Musk there’s definitely something off with him… his not a healthy entrepreneur if you ask me. I’ve got allot of question on that guy!



Is this number with the subconscious mind aligned?


What is your favorite affirmation so far?


I tried few one before…currently my favorite is “I am love” it works pretty good for me…it helps me develop self-love ,self-forgiveness and self -respect…you could try it too…


I had learnt a refined way of making auto suggestions ( think and grow rich)

Incorporate positive feelings into your affirmations. And design them in a way in which the subconscious feels that you already have the “phenomenon” in concern, and the intensity of the phenomenon is increasing over time.

For example.
I feel so happy and grateful now that I earn 100,000 thousand dollars from various sources of income on a continuous basis and I realise it more and more.

Maybe you could modify strong affirmations from other sources to suit your needs.


No, it’s actually different for everyone. I’ve heard from different people different amounts of days.


Don’t have any favorites. Nor have I got the time to study which affirmations work strongly onto the subconscious. Hence my question, I could look this up myself but I’d rather save time right now and go with someone else’s studies on the subject.

I think affirmations like “I am happy” are actually not really powerful as they are not so specific. Well honestly I actually don’t know. I’m open for suggestions.


These are some of the subliminal’s I use visually on my laptop. This program is called Subliminal360 by Inspire3. It’s really good stuff if you were able to know the subliminal scripts of Emperor it would complement very well, you would have visual and audio input at the same time. You can use your own subliminal’s inside of this subliminal program or you’ve got the option to use the pre-programmed subliminal’s which are from SubliminalGuru but they are in no way as potent or powerful as they scripts SubliminalClub is using. They are in a sense just different. I think the subliminal’s from SC are rather scripts then sentences or affirmations so to say.


Yes, I did ask what your favorite affirmation was in order to get a read on your cherished values and aspired-to life conditions.

I think of an affirmation as a reinforcement of one’s chosen orientations. With repetition that orientation can be internalized on deeper and deeper levels of one’s being.

One of the most powerful and meaningful of such statements for me personally is ‘Thank You’. I think it is powerful.

Thank you for sharing the Subliminal360 app. Looks cool.

In all honesty, I think that the programs we are using here on Sub Club are affirmations. If you want to add more, I think one possible approach that would make sense would be to choose specific statements related to the same goals/areas to which your current subliminals are directed. Also, not sure if you already know this, but posing an affirmation in the form of a question is said to stimulate the subconscious in a special way.

It works like this: If your intention is to grow in relaxation and social ease, you ask the question, ‘How did I become so relaxed? How did social interactions become such a great joy in my life?’

Do not bother answering the question. Loose it like an arrow shot into the sky. Do not bother to see where it lands. Just loose it with intent.


They use three strategies to achieve results:

This is maybe the reason why those subs are so straining sometimes.


I realized they use subliminal’s in this way because of the superchargers, yes. Upon making that statement you make it clear to the subconscious that you’ve already achieved these statements. You could also say “I am relaxed” but it feels less powerful then “How did I get so relaxed”. Honestly it would be fun to research all of this but my time is limited at the moment. I’m already being to much on the forum right now, I need my focus.


Exactly. Also, putting it in the form of a question, I believe, is almost like giving your subconscious mind a chew toy. It’s going to work to respond to that question; to answer it, if you will. It’s like a creative goad.

I did not know that was used in the superchargers. Haven’t started using any yet. I encountered it from Damon Brand and Gallery of Magick. Another great resource.

Yes, focus is paramount! Happy winter solstice!


If I may add my take on affirmations.

From my current understanding, it is not so much the words that are used, but the feeling behind them when we say them that is indicative of affirmations’ effectiveness.

It goes even as far as, let’s say, we speak a positive affirmation, but in that moment we’re feeling lack, then what we’re affirming and strengthening is the lack, not the positive idea of the affirmation.

If, when saying our affirmations, we can summon up positive feelings that are representative of the words spoken, then what we’re doing will be beneficial.

I wonder what if, for example, we assumed as best as we can the role of an emperor according to our idea and really feel it, and we held it for those 45 minutes, if it would facilitate the overall process of integration of the sub into our subconscious. We can also play appropriate music and try to really be in that moment the man we imagine we would like to become listening to Emperor.

On the same vein, I wonder if the best time listening to, say, Primal Seduction is while doing pickup. Is it?


Actually it is both. It is all about frequency and vibrations, upon saying a sentence you transmit a certain frequency to the universe, same goes for the feeling you put behind speaking those intentions. Same goes for the visualization if you visualize yourself being rich when you’re affirming “I am rich”. A combination of all three works best, saying “I am rich” while you feel poverty will not directly be destructive as you’ve mentioned, though it is important to understand that the frequency put out of a feeling vibrates at a much higher rate which in fact would turn out to be more powerful.


Informative & helpful, thanks @Hannibal



So I could change those affirmations around by applying the question technique. Instead of “Money flow easy into my life” I could change it around for “How did money flow so easy into my life?”, and do that for all those other affirmations on this list as well. Now I’ve seen Saint stating many times implementing your name into affirmations is way more powerful. I’m wondering how I can implement that into the visual affirmations I’m using to have them increase in potency. Perhaps you’ve got an idea how to do that? Anyhow if you don’t, it doesn’t matter I’ll find out how to make potent affirmations someday, it isn’t really a focus as of right now but if you may be able to help me out, any help is appreciated allot and will be returned by me ten fold. In regards to that I want to thank you in advance for your activity on the forum and the help you’ve provided for the community so far.


I’m actually very confident that you will.

You’ve already posed this question to your subconscious, and I believe it will generate very effective affirmation methods for you. After all, you’re asking it how best to communicate with it. It’s particularly well-qualified to help with this.

And, yes, you’re right, that’s precisely how the question method works. You pose the question, and the subconscious writes the narratives to answer it. But the pen of the subconscious mind is subjective reality. (Pretty awesome.). So it writes and draws with the realities of our lives.

As far as incorporating your name, that’s a fascinating question. But I do not have any experience with that strategy. Any affirmations or statements of intent that I’ve used have always just used ‘I’ or ‘me’. Some had no subject at all. Like “Thank you”.

Other random pointer from my (limited) experience:

  1. keep them simple. It’s best if you can envision the full idea as an image. That level of the mind thinks in metaphor and image.

I’ve used statements of intent more than affirmations personally.

The method I used for statement of intent:

White paper, blue ink.

Write what you want to manifest. Once a day for 90 days. Then put it away, and forget about it.

I think that @ExploringAstronaut may have some good suggestions for affirmation due to his experience with manifesting.

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