Question about stacking


When you are referring to stacking. Do you mean listening to them at the exact same time, or do you mean listening to them like a playlist, like you would listen to music? @DarkPhilosopher @SaintSovereign


Most subliminal providers recommend against using multiple of their products during the same time period, instead recommending you listen to only one program at a time for (approximately) 30-90 days. The majority of Subliminal Club’s products are designed to work together, so you can create playlists with multiple programs in them. Stacking them one after another.

Generally, you would pick 1 major program, 2 at the most, plus one or more stacking modules. You can find categories for both in the Subliminal Club store page.

Then you determine how much weight you want each to have. to determine which program dominates your playlist.

I’ll give you an example. I want to work on my career, but I want to be social while doing it. So do lots of networking and schmoozing with the boss. :slight_smile:

I would choose something like Ascended Mogul for the career and Daredevil for the social skills. But since my career is the most important, I might create a playlist with 2x Ascended Mogul and 1x Daredevil. That is my stack, also called my loop.

I then set the playlist to repeat all and press play. In a perfect world, I now get twice as much Mogul as Daredevil.

Feel free to ask on the forum what people think your stack should be. Make sure you tell us what your goals are, otherwise we can’t recommend the right things.

Listening at the same time may seem like a great way to get more faster, but people strongly recommend against it.


awesome thanks!!


Not 1 stacking module. I remember it was 4 to 6.


When I asked Saint about the higher number he recommended that I start with fewer stacking modules and build from there, at least that’s how I remember it. Since, @trypwilliamson is just starting out, I figured I’d keep it simple without multiple stacking modules and superchargers. Especially since I seem to have been a bit overeager in answering questions the past few days.

I’m sure if his goals warrant multiple stacking modules from the start, better people than I will recommend those to him when he asks advice on his stack.

EDIT: There, I corrected my earlier post to include one or more stacking modules. :slight_smile:


since you mentioned it i can tell you guys my goals and would welcome a recommendation. Everything about emperor is how i want my mindset, behavior, and goal setting to be. I am already a good dad but want to be better. I am already very sociable, except with the ladies. This used to not be a problem when i drank but i quit drinking almost 7 months ago and have not found my mojo in that department.


I’m leaning towards Khan, it’s Emperor+. From all accounts Emperor tends to make you a bit less sociable. Keep in mind, Khan is more about sex than social, although they do go together. Between wanting to be sociable with the ladies and being a dad, I’m not certain which you prefer, sex or social.

Why don’t you start reading @AMASH’s latest adventures with Khan, keeping in mind he already had impressive results with the opposite sex before starting (just in case you expect to turn into him overnight). He’s very descriptive so it may give you an idea what to expect with Khan.

While you do that, I’ll let others chime in on those recommendations.

PS Props for the 7 month thing, it can be quite difficult to do.


cool thanks!! i will post it and see what people suggest!!


It was 5 times harder before Khan. Most girls flaked on me, and I needed to keep going to find a rare interested girls.

With Khan, the process is more fun, and a lot more girls are interested.