Question about Reconciliation

I’m just curious is Reconciliation just exclusive to Subliminal Club only or can this happen with other producers as well?

I guess best way would be asking other producers you mention lol

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Reconciliation as far as I know, is exclusive to SubClub. Other producers subs tend to cause resistance, due to their different (and in my opinion, inferior) technology.

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well honestly i got scared of subliminal club for a while because i started having nightmares and was worried it could have been connected to the zero point tech they use. I was trying to research what exactly Zero Point is and all i could find was something about Zero Point energy which made me think these were like those Morphic Field audios you find on youtube. I had a really bad experience with a youtube producer that uses “Programmed Energy” in his audio files. So i started listening to another producer because i was scared of Subliminal Club but it seems that everytime I listen to ANY subliminal from anyone all I have are Nightmares! I would like to come back here and start with these againbut i’m scared of what exactly the Zero Point tech is. Is it just affirmations?

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This is an explanation of Zero Point technology. Also, all the audio files here are all subliminals.

Nightmares are nothing to be afraid of, they don’t cause harm to you in any way. When you start listening to the subliminals here again, consider reducing the listening times.

These aren’t those morphic fields and it’s highly recommended to NOT run both of them together.

How did you listen to subliminals here before? As in, how many loops and how many days/weeks have you been running it?

Also paging @SaintSovereign since he can explain this better than me.

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Dreams, and indeed nightmares, are the symbolic language of your unconscious mind. If you work on it (for healing etc), using subs for example it’s normal to have more of them… and yeah sometims weird and scary ones (they rapresent the personal shadow)

So nothing to worry about (I mean nothing like spirits, demons etc… lol)


I started off using Libertine and Diamond. 1 loop each Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I then purchased and used Wanted in replace of Diamond. That’s where the nightmares started i think.

Yeah man i’m here to tell you when I started off with subliminal’s I used one of those producers that claims to use Programmed Energy and let me tell you I never want to experience what I went through again! And yes demons, spirits or whatever they are were apart of this experience. I do not wish this on experience on anyone what so ever!

So from what I’m reading here, if you’re getting nightmares from some titles and not others - then one could easily conclude it’s not the technology but the specific title you are running. And since nightmares can be a sign of recon, it just means that there’s healing going on within you are that is expressed unconsciously through these nightmares which will eventually go away as you heal.

I used to have a few nightmares the night I listen to :snowboarder: Daredevil but I realized from analyzing the contents of the dream, it’s an expression of the fact that I am unconsciously healing. They never came back afterwards.

Sounds like morphic fields rather than subliminals, which a lot of people have experienced negative effects with. Sounds like a spooky experience.

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That’s why i got worried because I wasn’t sure if thats what Zero Point was. Because when i researched it all i could find was an article about Zero Point being an energy field of some sort. Thats why i was scared.

Well thankfully there’s nothing to worry about, as it’s just the name of the technology, if you’ve read the article I sent you :smiley:

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ok because i really want to start using these again. maybe i should take a break and let my mind rest before using again?

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Yeah that sounds great! Take a month off from listening to any subliminals, morphic fields and frequencies, then resume back to listening to the subliminals here.

Also, it’s not recommended to run any morphic fields, binaural beats and frequencies alongside listening to SubClub subliminals since it’s not recommended.

Best of luck!

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You mean in a general sense (anything not SC), not specifically morphic fields?

Not sure if I understand the question. I mean that you shouldn’t run SubClub subs with morphic fields, frequencies, binaural beats, etc.

“Active” modalities are fine. Yoga nidra, meditation, visualization, etc are all fine.

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Bad english sorry lol

Yeah that is the answer to my question. It’s a general rule for “passive” modalities, not specifically to morphic fields (but they are included).

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Using SC for more than two years and never had any nightmare.

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No need to worry - there is no external energy programming of any kind like in these modalities you mentioned.

As for the nightmares, I always like to distinguish between multiple types of nightmares when it comes to subliminals. There are nightmares which are related to bad technology, inexperience or stagnation of the producer, meaning the subliminal technology and the way the subliminal itself is made, or nightmares due to your own subconscious working through things.

For example, if you were to run all our titles, and only WANTED gives you nightmares, that means you have some kind of trauma or belief that needs to be worked on related to your body, sexual attractiveness, mysteriousness, etc.

If only say Primal Seduction, SS, WANTED, Sex Mastery and other sexual subliminals gave you nightmares, that means you have something sexual related that needs working through. Same for wealth, spirituality, etc. Now of course this is a rough idea, it gets a lot more complex and you could have something much deeper that affects multiple areas, but that is beyond this post.

Furthermore, “gave nightmares” isn’t the most correct way to phrase things. The subliminals (at least when they are properly made) cannot “give” anything to you. If we were to go for full correctness, it would be exposing the issues and presenting them to you directly, so that you have an opportunity to consciously work with them.

Finally, it’s important to point out that nightmares aren’t that often of an occurrence with properly made subliminals. Most people don’t ever get them, and for that small percentage that do it goes away quickly.

All of this flies out the window when you’re using God knows what though. Using a random producer could very well mean you have weird things running through your subconscious. Thankfully, these often lack the necessary diligence and ingenuity to create subliminals that deeply affect your subconscious, so your subconscious’ natural defenses usually take care of these. Still would recommend to avoid running them.

As for morphic/energy fields, do not run them with our subliminals. We’ve seen many reports and at this point our recommendation is a strict no-go. I would like to extend this to subliminals in general, but I can only speak for us.

If you want energetic development, look into an actual and genuine spiritual tradition and develop your own energy - it will be a thousand times more effective.

Unrelated to the discussion of technicalities of different modalities, it’s important to point this out - I understand the desire behind trying to combine modalities, products and technologies. But it’s important to never be a slave to your desire for “more and right now” - that impulse to haphazardly throw things together into a kitchen-sink abomination of modalities and products robs you of your most powerful weapons and tools, scatters your attention, devolves you of your wisdom and sensitivity, wastefully throws away your energy - ultimately leading to subpar results at best, nowhere at worst.

And we’ve got plenty of proof of such phenomena, don’t we? A single look at YouTube and different communities is all it takes. I encourage you to look and ascertain for yourself.


We use the term Zero Point to refer to the self, as in, you are the source of your current reality. In the cartesian coordinate system (0,0) is the origin, or the “zero point.”

We use it as a branding term to help customers understand how our products work.


Thanks everyone!

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