Quell - This looks like an approach that could be used to help develop fighting skills


Combined with real life instruction something of this sort could be useful in the development of fighting skills. It would also be easy to integrate audio and video subliminals into it.


I like the concept. But I’d like to see how smoothly this tracks. They had that boxer in their videos, but rarely showed how it synced up in the game itself. The tracking seemed very limited.


I don’t necessarily mean this particular product would be great, just the fundamental approach. Would be nice to see a well programmed teaching system that integrated visual and audio subliminals.


Sounds like a great idea. IMO, for this to be useful the most important element would be the constant reinforcement of proper techniques and habits. Implementing kicks and teeps into the program would be dope as well.


That moment when they find a way to combine VR with biofeedback and accurate tracking…

I like the bands idea. It’s not new, Billy Blanks did it ages ago for his Tae Bo, hooking up gloves with the feet and running the bands across the back to create resistance while punching, kicking, doing pushups and so on.