Quantum Limitless - What do you want from this Kitten?


According to what we have heard, Quantum Limitless is due to be released towards the end of October.
The genius behind this product is our main man “Fire” who has kept his cards close to his chest for this one.

Things are vague at the moment however with this happening in the pipe line what begs the question is what do we all want from this new product ?. Please share your thoughts.


If SubClub adds Ultimate Artist to Quantum Limitless, I would buy it without thinking. Also, if Limitless doesn’t have language learning, it would be great to add that to Quantum Limitless.

Aside from that, it would be nice to have the skills of a Renaissance Man to QL. Something along the lines of Leonardo Da Vinci.

I like the idea of both “Jack of All Trades” AND “Master of One” . Wonder if it is possible to combine both. Like have “Jack of all trades and master of some”

Yes, in the department of learning, I want it all!


@raphael from what I know about QL so far, it is a multi stage programme so it may well accomodate your requirements.


Quantum Limitless … When I read that, I could only remember the model of the universe that says we can jump from one reality to another at will (almost, more easy said then done). So, Quantum Limitless will make us develop our skill of creators of personal reality? To the point of just as look at a menu at restaurant and just order it? Maybe. (Got the reference y’all?)


@ContinentaL - yeah, the name is a bit out there and might give you ideas of something else. I would rather go for something like:
-Unlimited Limitless
-Ecstacy of Brilliance
-Super Genius


I am guessing that the multi stage subliminal might be something like

Limitless breakdown
Enhance your IQ
Enhance short and term memory
Enhance creative ability
Improved learning ability


@blackadder - excellent ideas.


Not quite sure why limitless should have artist in it. Would you mind explaining your thought process?


Since I have experienced very interesting … lets say “visual powers” with Limitless (and I havent even tried the infamous Beyond Limitless yet) I am hella excited for Quantum Limitless!


There should be also focus and concentration or/and “in the zone” aspect


Ultimate Flow State. Yes!


Definitely improve memory: Be able to cut down the time it takes to memorize certain things permanently.

Learn stuff at an accelerated rate: new language, computer programming, motor skills like tennis, skiing etc

Possess desired skills by modeling/observing others who have them (raikov effect)


Agree on the computer software side specifically able to trouble shoot a problem and find a solution quickly. I.T support guys might also gind QL of benefit.


I think somewhere inside this sub should be mastering a skill in less than x hours, preferably less than 2000 hours


Why set your sights low ? Why not master a skill in 1000 hours.


Even better


Instant access to required knowledge in user friendly way.

If a user is ready to apply that knowledge into practical way instantly - give direct access to it (thoughts, symbols and general comprehension). If not - use manifestations and obvious, safe situations and signs to get user’s conscious ready for it.

Truth. Get clear sense difference between truth and false. Not to waste time acquiring knowledge you don’t need.

Improved Subconscious modelling of true role models.

Intuition improvements, no comments.

Generally speaking, I think that QL can replace all other major subliminals because of the nature of learning: you can set any goal you want, money, health, spirit, seduction and etc. and QL will lead to it thru quantum learning. Even healing, because emotional healing is a some kind of learning or re-learning so to speak.

Btw, improved healing and clearing modules, which will include current life, ancestral lines and past lives and etc. Traumas and limiting beliefs ARE NOT the onliest reasons why people not succeed.

I think that QL will be the first subs totally intention driven, because clear goals will require a specific set of knowledge and skills.

Maybe more simple script wording to increase the understanding of non-Native users at least 20-30%. Its not an issue right now for me but subs are getting more complex and I think more difficult to comprehend (maybe I’m wrong, maybe not).

Get certain signals and signs that learning process is effective, this will give an additional motivation.

Access role model’s subconscious knowledge during the sleep.

Of course, visualization improvements, skills mastering… guys, I can talk eternal about learning sub.

Limitless was the first sub I bought and the first which really impressed me. My review of Limitless is email sale pages :slight_smile:


@Fire please read the comments so far thanks.


Don’t worry, I am.

Some interesting suggestions here so feel free to keep them coming guys.


Guys you’re insane :smile:
Id also add some sort of teacher-module. So that you can explain what you have learned to others in an easy way, so they understand it too. If you cant explain it, you dont understand it.