Quantum Fitness

Managed to make my amped up emperor fitness with functional emphasis in the Q store.Wanted to add more modules but the 20 max made it a bit hard.Was already running empfit st4 and starkq with good results so those were a no brainer as the cores.Sex mastery was also tempting as a core but i ran out of modules and wanted something more focused on PE.Might add in on a later sub or rebuild of the custom.

Since my sub is mostly physical change modules,not expecting any quick results so might not journal that much since the timeline is days,months,years and im not that good at writing.

These are the 20 modules i ended up settling on if anyones interested.

Empfit St4

Physical change modules(basically a fighter/bodybuilder build)
Berserker-Fighting ability(figured it would be helpful for my kickboxing practice)
Blink-Greater Speed
Epigenetics and DNA modulator-Figured it would boost the physical changes
Equilibrium-Balance and flexibility
IQ and cognitive Booster-Better memory,figured it would help boost limitless in starkQ
Inexhaustible-Unlimited endurance
Masters coordination-Better hand eye coordination
Serum X-Faster healing so can train more
Thunder-Better reflexes
Male enhancement-A bit bigger never hurts anyone,lol

Physicality shifter-sexiness-Give a bit of an aesthetic lean to the body type
Temptation-Increase general attractiveness
Prevent premature ejaculation-Wanted something more focused for lasting longer.Sex mastery helps but not quite strong enough.Might change to sex mastery in a later build once its handled.

Results enhancement
Pragya-Improve brain capacity for processing subs
Deus-Make the sub self improving so can use it long term
Informaticon-Ability to find needed information and automatic guidance on how many times to run the sub.Useful since i can never figure out the correct amount of loops
Raikov-Ability to emulate people who are the best at what you want to do
Submodel Alpha-Ability to run simulations in your head so that you will always pick the optimal choice.

Will start as soon as i receive the sub.In the meantime still running my stack of StarkQ,empfit ST4 and SM


Good luck on your journey friend, I am curious to know how physical changes from subliminal affect the body!


Thanks,looking forward to seeing how they work to.The physical change subs like emperor fitness and spartan are the easiest to see the changes for me,they just take awhile(>_<)


Received my sub already.Gonna start today and maybe update next week if anything that is different from the normal of just running starkQ and empfit st4 happens.


Going to try continuing my listening schedule of my old stack while testing the custom which is


Going to start off with 2 loops a day to begin with,one in the morning and one in the afternoon.If after 2 weeks,i dont feel overloaded ill increase it to 3.Thats probably the max i can fit in a day though if dont want to expose my gf

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So far Thursday was fine but after the 2nd loop on friday had a mild headache and was tired which lasted most of the weekend so guess something was being processed.Fortunately all gone now,starting again today which is monday.These are definitely stronger than the normal subs though with this much effect from only 2 loops of a single sub.

Hey did you ever listen to stage 1 or you only listen to stage 4?

Ive tried stage 1 by itself but didnt see that much other than improved recovery and better diet.Empfit doesnt seem to affect/help my sleep.Stage 4 just seems to work better all around for me cause stage 2 and 3 which are improved cardio and muscle gain are a lot more obvious and useful for me.Ive tried stage 2 and 3 by themselves too but it becomes troublesome to fit in a stack when mixing and matching so prefer stage 4 by itself.

Would you recommend using just stage 4 for muscle gain?

For muscle gain,stage 3 or 4.I like stage 4 more cause it helps for cardio as well so dont get tired as fast and the faster recovery from stage 1 is useful if you want to train more/daily.If you dont have to worry about endurance and recovery and just want to build muscle fast,then stage 3 by itself might work faster cause its more focused.

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Okay because I use stage 1 and wrote about experience here it is maybe you could explain it. I’ve been training for over 3 years you could look up what my physique looks like on instagram it’s kebiuk anyway here’s my experience:

At first I taught it was recon so I took a break didn’t help I only listen to it once a day. I have the worst brain fog and the feeling of being dumb from it. My sleep became worst and when I workout I don’t feel like myself or like I could push more harder. It’s like this feeling telling me that this is bad idea and it’s everyday to the point that it’s unbearable weird thing is this never happened with starkq. Starkq was very good and I even gave a positive journal about it however I can’t say the same about this Emperor Fitness 1 it just really makes me feel horrible everyday.

That is a bit weird yeah cause stage 1 doesnt have much that would cause reconcillation if your already training and in good shape and you only listen once a day so shouldnt be overload.Think only saint would know what in the script is causing that.
How long did you listen to it for?Sometimes i get brain fog too for the 1st 1-2 weeks of starting a sub cause my brain has to adapt and absorb it.For pushing harder,dont feel like emperor fitness helps that much for it.Spartan was a lot better mindset wise for me of wanting to workout,emperor fitness still have to decide conciously to workout but the body effects are stronger than spartan.Otherwise could give stage 4 a try and see if you still get the same problems cause stage 2-3 are more motivating for working out and are in stage 4 or might want to switch to spartan.

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Yeah Sain told me it’s part of deep recon so should I listen to stage 4 instead since it has stage 1,2 and 3?

Not sure,could actually make it worse cause stage 4 is more dense.Might be better to change to spartan which is less dense and more focused and has more mindset or try one of the other stages and see how you react first.

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I will try Stage 4 just in case and I will let you know how it goes

Alright,good luck.Hope you manage to get it working for you cause emperor fitness is a pretty good program.If not you always have spartan to try,thats just as good(^_^)

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So far,mainly see the effects of serum x and inexhaustible from my sub.Empfit was helping me recover faster but recovery is noticably faster than empfit by itself.A workout that left me sore for 2 days before the sub can recover by the next day.Inexhaustible seems to be boosting endurance too but nothing amazing yet but its only been a week.Havent seen the other components yet but cant go back to kickboxing till end of august cause of covid so might not see the speed/fighting aspects yet.The sub is still quite heavy while running and feel tired while its playing but am fine after it ends.Changed my afternoon listening to masked and its a lot better now.Wonder why ultrasonic is so much more tiring though(>_<)So listening is now 1 loop ultrasonic in the morning during my workout and one loop masked in the afternoon.


Missed the effects of spartan and its ability to eliminate reconcilation so made a stacking custom to go with the one im listening to.The goals are pretty similar so should boost my other custom as well,plus it has more result enhancement than the 1st one

Spartan core-My favorite sub for having a mindset that can get through anything in life whether its a workout or a bad day
Sex Mastery XQ Core-Boosts sex.Should pair well with prevent premature ejaculation since that was the only part lacking in the original program
Minds Eye Q Core-I feel i have aphantasia cause i cant visualize no matter how hard i try so though would give it a try.Will boost the superchargers as well if it works

The rest
Energetic development XI-Its supposed to boost the effects of subliminals and help aura.Wonder if should have gone with the architect instead since its supposed to make you healthier
Sphaera magnetica-General attraction aura.Sounded like the most all rounded aura
Lion IV-Relaxed mastery and confidence
Mosaic-Boost stacking
Omnidimensional-Tackle things from multiple angles
Potentiator-Take advantage of all possibilitys available
Merger of worlds-Bring subconcious and concious mind closer together
Earthshaker-sexuality-Create a stronger presence around me
Sensuality and handsomeness improver-Should tie in with physicality shifter sexiness
Sexiness unbound-Unsure what this one does but boosting sexiness should be good
Power unleashed-Develop a more powerful personality and presence
Overdrive-Bring more success into life
Power awareness-Become more aware of maximum potential so can strive for it
Auric overdriver-Boost all around aura and improve energetics
Sultan-Help manifest some money for what i spent on the customs(Xp)
Also Deus and Informaticon for the same reason they are in the 1st custom

Ran a loop of this in the afternoon after an hour of silence after my 1st custom and all the tiredness and headache from the 1st sub dissapears.Not sure why though.Either too much to process or it works really well of reconcillation like the last time i ran spartan.

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Do you see any muscle gains so far? My hypothetical custom (still under development) shares a lot of modules with yours, so this is interesting to see. Also, what’s the power level?

Im gaining muscle really fast but i gain muscle fast normally so cant tell if its the sub or not.My sticking point is usually the fat loss part cause my body type puts on muscle really easily but also fat.Plus i started gym 2 weeks ago after a 3 month break because of covid so gaining back lost muscle is a lot faster.Plus i was already running empfit before starting the custom so not sure but recovering faster allows me to train more and do more reps so i assume more muscle gain would happen with time since theres more work being done

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