Quantum Berserker 🗡️🛡️

Emperor + Quantum Limitless


Have you listened to both subs? 15 min loops or?

I plan on Emperor + Limitless myself but I’m curious how you feel/felt after those loops, dense? Heavy mind?

Did you listen to QL stage 1 or 4?

I only used Emperor and QL in the previous versions, a lot of recon and QL especially was very heavy on my mind.

I will run both titles today and will update.

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16/11/23 - 1st cycle

One loop of Emperor + one loop of QL

I feel weird

Weirdly more intelligent?

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I feel different, yet i feel exactly the same.

It’s like im feeling every emotion simultaneously but at the same time i don’t feel anything.

Weird :thinking:
Interesting :thinking:

Im going to build an empire :relaxed:

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Will you rule over all the Middle East?

Yes, i will.

This means, that you will rule also over Qatar and you will rule also over Invictus. Curious what he thinks about that.


Good luck. Currently using Emperor, QL st. 1 and KB as well.

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I know exactly how you feel

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What are your listening patterns?

Ql + Emperor on day 1, day 2 rest, KB on day 3.

Mostly because I’ve run QL + Emperor in a QTKS custom for several months (which I’ll likely update), so I figured that my brain was used to listen to them together. Hence, I’ve kept them on the same day

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I think i will do the same.

Thanks :pray::+1:

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I find that playing QL before Emperor is better than the other way around. Maybe just a coincidence.


I was playing Emperor before QL, maybe i will try the other way around, although i think in the long run it doesn’t matter

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Today is recon :+1:

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I forgot i made a Spartan/Muay Thai Mastery custom and it just arrived, tf i should do now?

Maybe revert back into my warrior self? Run Emperor + my custom and wait with QL and KB? I dunno

I really want to be a fucking fighting beast but i also want to be a genius Emperor

The custom is
Muay Thai Mastery
Energetic Development
Epigenetics and DNA Modulator
Serum X

Maybe i should just wait to Genesis: Ascended Mogul and run it with my custom

Im not ready to he a Quantum Emperor :disappointed:

I dont even know if i want to be a fighter, im just insecure about the fact that some man cant beat me up and in my country it’s not unlikely to have street fights

I don’t know

Maybe Emperor + the custom

But i also want to run QL and KB

And maybe im jot even ready for Emperor maybe I need Ascended Mogul

It’s the recon speaking, mate. lol

Run your custom along Emperor and you will have it all.