QL: Ideal time for each stage


Is it the same(30 days for each) as for khan?
@Fire @SaintSovereign


There really are no set guidelines for any of the multi stage programs. Some people say 30 days, some people say 300 hours, some say whichever of the two comes last. The reality is that everyone will be different and will gain from each stage in their own unique ways. Listen to your intuition and follow it. Start where you want to start, move to the next part when you feel as though you have gotten everything you can from what you’re doing


i said that because i want to make sure everything is safe. I will propably not do it when i buy QL but just stick to 30 days. As @Neurokinetic said not set guidelines


I’m doing six weeks for each stage , stage 3 of khan will run for 2 months


saint answered this in a journal


So the lower limit for each stage is 30 days. There is no upper limit right? And same applies for Khan I assume.


This is what i understand yes