Q Store update/licensed modules


Hallo @SaintSovereign @Fire
Is it possible to make an update under the section : my account/licensed modules
So that everything the customer already licensed is in one place.

That woud be realy cool


We’re looking into doing this eventually. Right now, you can pull up past orders and look them up that way.


Yes I have 12 orders or more and to find them is time consuming
An option to paste all licensed modules of my choosing into the “build title” woud be cool also.
Thank you for your time Saint Sovereign keep up and better the good work you do


I’d love this feature as well, and I’m sure something can be done with customer tags in Woocommerce. In the meantime, here’s my solution:

I only have 1 custom ordered so far, but have several more planned out. What I did was create a spreadsheet to track which modules I’ve already licensed, so I can see at a glance what I could re-use and what still needs to be purchased. Since each module is the same price, it’s also easy to calculate the cost of a custom in realtime, and adjust it as modules are licensed.

I can see about sharing a blank version of this template if anyone is interested.


I have a version of this but with text files.

One file with all the modules I have ever bought.

And other files that have my customs and what modules they are made of. One file per custom.


I did this in Google Sheets. I put in the 10-20 modules/cores I’ll be using, and compares that to a list of modules I’ve already licensed.

It factors in everything to tell me what my final total will be.

Factors it looks at:
Modules I’ve already licensed
Modules I need to license

  1. Build Strength
  2. Build Speed
  3. Delivery Time
  4. Elites Discount percentage


That actually sounds pretty awesome. lol…


Tried doing it in app but cant figure out how to keep the data around if you close it.works well as long as you dont close the app on the phone though


Nice @Meng123

Something like that.
When this works properly they shoud pay you for that in some Form.


Android app version of that if you would like to test


No Androids here, all our devices are iOS. :wink:


haha,k.Couldnt afford apple over here :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::rofl: