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Hi everyone,

So I was so excited to buy my very first custom yesterday, and when I finally went to checkout, it did not accept my dad’s debit card. I don’t have a credit card. Isn’t there any other way to pay?

I submitted support ticket #586 also yesterday but didn’t get a response and I can’t wait for enough to order it.

@SaintSovereign @Fire

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Hey, @Abhishek. Is the debit card attached to a paypal account? That way you can use the debit card through paypal.

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I have also the same problem. Saintsovereign will send you a Paypal invoice.

When I buy a normal sub I can pay with my card. But there is a problem when it is a custom sub with Strippes. Maybe @SaintSovereign could see the problem ?

Yes, it is, but there’s no other option than credit card there

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How and when will he?

That’s interesting. Previously I used to use a debit card on paypal. But that was a long time back. Wonder if they changed that option.

Hope SaintSovereign solves your issue soon

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You send him a PM faster than ticket

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Dm’ed him, no other option than to wait now.

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@Fire @SaintSovereign please review Support Ticket #586

I paid for the custom yesterday but I didn’t get any response over it yet.

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I agree. Paypal is the way to go. Using a debit card online is dangerous as hell. But Paypal gives you a good level of security. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t take anything from Paypal. Nor does Netflix. I’ve tried both.

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Are you just using a debit card online? Don’t! It’s dangerous. Set up a paypal account, it’s much safer. Plus if there is an unauthorized use of your card, you can get your money back. With a regular debit card that isn’t linked to paypal, the money is gone for good!
With a debit card that is used via Paypal, nobody has access to your debit card pin number. If they get your paypal account pin you can change it, and get your money back. Paypal will cover any unauthorized use of the account. Paypal is the way to go bro!


Yes, i’m very much aware about the risks, brother. I use my debit card via PayPal, not directly.


My bad bro.

I Never knew that about paypal, i thought they just take extra dollars from every payment you make

And they only thing that you do is fast checkout and you dont have to enter card number manually

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See how much PayPal took away from my payments.

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They take tons of money, i really dislike that

Is paying through you debit or credit really that bad? I mean if the website is trusted and well known you shouldnt face any problems

So dont buy products off sus websites thats the way to go!

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True. Moreover I use my dad’s debit card. His account is really active, all the salary and payments are received and done through that account. Can’t risk it.


I’m not getting a reply to my support ticket anymore. I paid yesterday and now no one is replying. This doesn’t look good. I’m waiting.

Yeah replys on support tickets can be answered or not i dont think they get notifications when you reply to the support ticket

But if you make a new one they will reply to it

@RVconsultant @DarkPhilosopher can you help him out?