Available now at: New Modules – Quintessence by Subliminal Club


:wink: I will be a god with this.


Niiiiiiiice :slight_smile:

That Lineage module looks awesome. It’s so weird how this is showing up now that I’m diving deeper into that area of my life.

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Invictus reads about a new module pack

ah shit, time for custom #16


Lost for words :astonished:, changing my future custom again :thinking:

@Achilles with both Achilles and Achilles’ heel modules your next custom is calling you :wave:


hell, I’m so happy there is no modules I would like to add into my custom ungently, cause if there were such modules, I would tear myself apart for not being patient enough to wait for a new Q module pack.


Same here. I am relieved that there isn’t a new module fits in my custom or I’d feel my current custom as less attractive :upside_down_face:


I’m very envious of you lol, I had a few customs planned out and about half of the modules released could benefit them so off to the drawing board I go…

Thank you @Fire for another amazing module pack!


The Heracles module, along with Blink, Thunder, Master Coordination, Equilibrium, Inexhaustible looks REALLY good in a Spartan + Emperor Fitness stage 4 custom.


Let’s see how I react to these modules :eyes:


They’ve been reading my journal for sure with Lineage and Last Stand. Traumatic and difficult relations with parents as a specific healing module? That’s great, but I don’t know if I want to emulate them as parents, Sure, they did the best they could©®™ but I could represent them by healing the intergenerational healing.

Last Stand at a job being physically threatened at work (with no supervisor help)? I’ll take that too.


Righteous Ire

Many misinterpret and many misuse anger. But anger exists for a reason. With Righteous Ire you will learn how to use anger in a healthy, powerful way that it was intended to – not for wanton destruction but as a tool for action and justice. Righteous Ire will help you understand how your anger works and guide you on using/transmuting it into something greater, both in the moment and in the long run. Furthermore, you will learn how not to give in into overwhelming anger that will burn you and those dear to you, but temper it into a fire that will help you build a bright future.

This would be useful for someone who lacks emotional self control when upset/angry? For those who tend to raise their voice and lash out when angry?

Yes, this will be useful I think :thinking:

Thanks guys for such amazing modules, I’ve never made a custom yet but it’s great to see such variety.


Each one of us has their own distinct way of smelling – their own pheromone makeup.
One Scent is a module designed to gradually develop, strengthen and tune your own pheromone signature that will be of most benefit to you overall in all areas of life.
Experience greater respect, romantic success and deepen your social relationships – scent is a universal language that goes beyond partitioning and affects our social lives on all levels.

This one must be fun

And I wad thinking there is no module to become photogenic, and here we are

with Moment Immortalized you now have the ultimate tool for becoming the utmost star before a camera. Remove the tension and anxiety you feel and look a thousand times better in any photos, videos, movies or even while live-streaming by adding Moment Immortalized to your custom.
Furthermore, Moment Immortalized will assist you not only in looking good, but being good in front of the camera – you will naturally develop your abilities to articulate yourself perfectly and yet in a completely relaxed, natural way, as if the camera was always your best friend.
Whatever it is that you are doing in front of the camera, be it something as simple as photos of your family, dating photos, making videos, shooting a movie or even live-streaming, Moment Immortalized will make you both look and be beyond your best.


Would Void of Creation perform similar to Current Invoker? My idea would be to add it in to a remake of my APX and Dreams custom.


Immediately thought of you when I read this module description.

Would also recommend:

  • Earthshaker: Authority
  • Righteous Ire

I would love to make an alpha custom with those 3.

@Brandon - boy are you gonna be glad to see Moment Immortalised. I will add it to a social custom when I make one.


@Achilles :blush:




why no tags for me with Heracles :frowning_face:


You had got to it before I did, mate. :blush:

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