Q Module Pack #2 - AVAILABLE NOW!


Sixteen new modules, coming ya’ll way. Take a look and order your new custom at: https://q.subliminalclub.com/product-category/new-modules/


Soooo, the reveal of the modules will be made tomorrow or we can expect an early reveal like last time :smiley:


Lol, if I recall, there wasn’t an intentional “early reveal.” An enterprising individual found the category where we were hiding the modules while posting them and we just said screw it and dropped the entire list.


Yeah I remember :rofl:

“Early reveal” I meant.


Will these be entirely new modules? I mean that the concept wasn’t even introduced in another sub?


There are LOTS of modules that were included in other core that could be made into modules.

From daredevil :

  • Social fun : Wanting to socialise and have fun with people, express youself fully.
  • Social intelligence : Boost your social intelligence and learning of.

Emperor Fit 1:

  • Perfect nutrition
  • Fat loss

And there were a ton of modules suggestions that people wanted :slight_smile: might be a mix of everything.


Phoenix down


Social King also :wink:


All new modules. :wink:

Clearly, there will be some overlap, but mostly new.


Is there a chance the tech make it be eventually possible to build subs with minimum being less than 10 modules? Or is 10 the minumum due to actual build tech limitations?



Whoever it was, I’m sure he’s smart and handsome and didn’t mean to be a bother… whoever it was.


Yeah. Whoever it was, even thought it threw a wrench into Mr. Saint’s plans and mojo and stuff that day, we should find out who it was and bestow some sort of award upon his epic ass.


No homo I swear



Hmm… I’ve never had anyone refer to… this unidentified individual’s… ass as “epic” before. lol.


Lol, nah it was actually funny. @Fire and I cracked up at how fast someone managed to find it. It’s good to have such supportive patrons.


@SaintSovereign would you have happened to have looked at “Q Modules Requests” before developing any of these? :stuck_out_tongue:


Is it coming on 12 Oct or 10 Dec?



-Even if I’m not going to be building a custom for a bit of time…-

I’m excited



Releasing on the 12th of October, 2020?


It’s tomorrow.