Q loops test time

How long should one test each Q loop?
Let’s say I start with one loop of Q today…should I use one a day for a week before adding another?should I use it for a month?then add?
If I’m running two Q programmes will it be one loop per program ?

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If you start with 1 loop and it feels like nothing’s happening after a few hours, you can add another loop right there and then, or see what happens tomorrow when you run 1 loop and calibrate.

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I started with 5 loops. It was too much. Went down to 3, was too much, went down to 1. When I feel ok I go to 2 loops and switch to 1. As time passes I notice that I can listen to 2 loops more and more days.

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How long did u stay on 1 before adding another?
Which programme are you running?

Are you facing heavy reconciliation? Are there days when running 3 loops that you felt alright?

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I used to just get very tired and very very angry and emotional less

May be a good idea to add an additional loop each week for example:

Week 1 - 1 loop per day for 6 days straight, then take a rest day.

Week 2 - 2 loops per day, 6 days straight, then a rest day.

Keep going up each week until you’ve hit reconciliation and if you do take 2 days off and go back down a loop.

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Just experiment. You said I used to. What is it now?

Did one loop so far feels way better that more…

Do you still feel very tired when running 3 loops?

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Yes and emotionless lika zombie

You’ve been on constant reconciliation with bloom moments here and there. I advise you to take a break for a few days, you’ll feel much better after.

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Will try that @hermit

Keep on journaling. Take time to reflect on your progress.

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I will definitely do

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Take action. I know that helps.

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I do Khan ST1 and my custom with 3 cores.

I was +2 weeks on Khan ST1 before adding another loop. It was testing really. I am not in a hurry so I could test any time I wanted. When I noticed that healing is not too much I added another loop.

What you mean by this

I assume that one determines the maximum number of loops from experiencing too much healing that they can’t bear or too much reconciliation.

At 5 loops and 3 loops, healing was too much. I ended up with 1 where I knew healing was going on because of a bit of anger, frustration and healing dreams. When they kind of subsided or could bear with this I increase my loops so I can test how I react on two loops now. If it was only Khan ST1 I was listening I would go for a 3rd loop but I increased my custom listening to 2 loops as well. It got a little bit more heavy but I stayed there as I could listen to it without trouble. What I suggest is find your upper limits. I do this with physical healing as well. I have practices that do detoxifying of the body. I go hard on my body until I feel nausea and headaches and then back down to a level I can bear. The way I think of that is I go the fastest I can without messing with my daily life.

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So finding your sweet spot.