Putting it to the test - Manifesting with Mind's Eye


Hey there
Some of you know I have manifested before and quite successfully actually. (Remember the 1000 bucks?) I know I have a journal already, but I just wanted to start a short journal to document my success with Mind’s Eye since I noticed visualising started to make much more fun all of a sudden.

You can also use this topic to post your experiences and stories if you like.

I follow Neville Goddard’s and Dr Dispenza’s teachings btw.


A first synchronicity to report. (I just assume anything that is close to what I have imagined a synchronicity or manifestation) Yesterday I imagined going to a very specific restaurant with my mom.
We plan to go eat in a restaurant today but a different one. This morning she told me we could go to my favorite place, because the other restaurant opens up rather late. The reason I consider this a synchronicity and not a manifestation is because what I imagined had a certain time-condition that goes with it and this condition isn’t met yet.


Guys, I can’t believe it.
I visualised multiple random things the day I wrote my first post (6th of June 2020) and these were just a bunch of random things that came to mind, just to test my skill. In one of the scenes I visualised myself holding a tennis ball and playing around with it. Now lo and behold, I just came back from work and there are two tennis balls on the ground…


There is no way this could be a coincidence. That’s why I chose tennis balls. I don’t play tennis, I have nothing to do with tennis and I haven’t own any tennis balls since I was a child. And now, two days after I imagined it, I get tennis balls…

So far Mind’s Eye brings exceptional results, @SaintSovereign , @Fire You really did something grand here


I believe I manifested a chair for my home office, but I am not sure because I visualized a lot of things on the go. I think I will write down what I am visualizing and hide the paper to check upon it later


@Fire: Am I a joke to you?


How could I forget! I’ll immediately correct this blatant failing


ill be following along forsure​:tennis::partying_face:


Very happy to see you getting results! I know you were having some issues with the other titles.


Will investigate further to make sure it’s not correlational. but after listening to Mind’s Eye, I dreamt that my crush send me pictures of her life as an update.

When I didnt, I dreamt of undesirable things…


Yesterday I was playing a game where large teams fight each other and there are special positions that a randomly selected few get (like medic, captain, etc). It has been a while since I get drawn and so I imaged being selected and I visualized how my screen would look like the moment it happens.
After I did that, I got drawn about 3-4 times consecutively, while before I haven’t been at all.
Maybe I should have visualized how I would play as that special position and not the moment as Neville Goddard says, but it helped anyway


Haha I just got selected to be the highest rank position in one of these matches. Just amazing.
Yes, everyone got a chance but you know it is a manifestation when it happens so often in such a short period of time. Guys, try it out! Use Mind’s Eye and imagine a desired outcome. Practice with random number generators or any kind of random generator and you will see!


Hi, curious… how do you practice your visualization? Is there a specific method that you do?



Not necessarily. I visualise a scene that implies the outcome already manifested. For example I don’t visualise finding money, I visualise holding the money in my hands and telling my friends about it. I visualise from first person perspective and become playful about it. If you could have what you want, what would you want? You are a guest in the restaurant of the universe and everything on the menu is for free, so what do you want?
I then just visualise it for about 5-10 seconds and then I stop and think about something else


I am not sure whether you mention it on another threat but do you listen to the Terminus version or the regard Q version of the sub…I have been using the terminus track and have noticed small manifestations here and there without spending any conscious time visualising any particular outcome.


I tried the Terminus version but nothing happened and Fire suggested I’d start with the regular Q-version and move to terminus later on which was the right decision.
I can only imagine (pun intended) how awesome this is going to become with terminus


Yesterday I manifested that my colleague stops smoking.
I am not sure if I planted this seed/scene before or after ME, I think it was after


To clarify, while driving to work I imagined a short scene in which my colleague told my boss and me that it is his tenth week without a cigarette. I repeated the scene about 3 times, dropped it and never thought of it again until now

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How long was the delay between this imagination and the manifestation, exactly?


Since I got ME for less than a month now, it must be about 2-3 weeks


Are you running this solo?