Push and Pull Journey by Dragonrider

Hi Community

This is my New Journey

My Goals are simple :
Transform into a super attractive Person
Let the Woman come to me to be Seduced
Find the right/fitting ones for qualitative high time.
A Loving Relationship
A Harem
Multiple Relationships
The world is Big - so no limitations :grin:
Grow a dick soo big that women can dance limbo
Have Fun in my Life and feel Super Sexy Enhancement of my life in the best possible way
And more.

This is my Custom for that Journey

Wanted Q
Heartsong Q
Love Bomb Ultima
Aproachability Aura
Enchanting Smile
Song of Joy
Total Nonchalant
Alexander’s Play
Depts of Love
The Wonder
Carpe Diem Ascended
The Flow
Inner Gasoline
Transcendental Connection
Inner Voice
Chosen of Venus


This will be interesting…

grabs paperclip board and lab-coat


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I wanted to start 3 days ago but I catch a throat infection and I am on antibiotics for the next 4 days.

So later

I am starting the first loop in 4 days


I finished the first loop 10 min ago

I have a very warm feeling in my chest and I am walking on air

I update tomorrow what happens today, because I feel like it’s changing very much in me right now


I sweat like crazy, it feels like Natural Mdma, my heart is producing waves of love and appreciation for myself

OK now I feel wanted, I feel that the ones I want, want me

A realization that I can like me until I love me

I have my mistakes but I accept me, nonetheless I can develop myself in the direction I want to go

Now something like pain in my heart arises
Now its getting denser, I think some energy is leaving my heart or soul
I have pressure in my head

I am completely OK and whole as I am, I don’t lack of something


Your custom looks awesome. I know what you mean be natural MDMA :slight_smile: I have Heartsong and Love Bomb in mine too, great combo. It’s funny that whenever you get that warm feeling and tingeling sensation in the chest it feels like you’re floating when walking.


@Tobyone Exactly what you said

Also I feel attractive

OH boy this is great

What in your custom?

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Seems like this custom is is very focused on Inner world stuff.

I love it

I feel very sexual but not like crazy searching for it. More like internal hot enjoying my hotness

Inner Gasoline is so beautiful in this custom


The best feeling :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It pulls you out of head and into your heart.

Inne Gasoline is such a good module, I can feel such a different when looping sexual energy in the body. I have Inner Circle as the as the third core, then just all the love and kindness modules more or less.

How do you find Song of Joy to be? I really like the description of that one.


Bro I did one and the first loop yesterday and I am still making changes.

I don’t want to be somebody else anymore , I like to be me
In fact I love to be me

I Am so calm and centered like never before

Also it’s still processing the whole time
I don’t know if I do another loop today.
Its beautiful

I start to own being me
I am valuable in many directions and it’s no problem if I am not good in other directions

Its the epitome of solid self esteem

Wanted is Genial

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I can’t say that for sure but I think its gona be great over time

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Sounds like you’ve found your inner child again, all he “Wanted” was to be loved and accepted for who he is :baby: Life is so much about the joy of expression, and I’ve tried the other side for 30+ now and it’s not my thing haha :wink:

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Hahahah ha exactly Bro

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  1. Loop

Holy Moly I think this is Heartsong

Strong feelings of : they let me alone

Feels like a part of my childhood is reactivatet.

God bless I could realese it imedeatly

I screamed the whole energy out of me with power and in absolute silence.

Then I saw myself as a child. Left Alone from mother and father. I let the child 1 meter in front of me and started to talk to him/me - whatever. I sayd : lisen, in this unhealthy Form you are no use for me anymore, you transform now until you are: warm, gentle and loving towards me and only if you stay forever : warm, gentle and loving towards me, you are permitted to enter me AGAIN - SO TRANSFORM NOW.

I heard my old self apologize and I accepted
After 4 min I felt the energy of my old self/part of me, changed and reenter’s my body in a gentle loving way.

I Wright this in a bar and now after this outburst and a pineapple juice I am ready to leave the bar and wander around, curious what waits behind the next corner

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Also I feel that I don’t need a relationship
I don’t need other people
I don’t need sex

But I like to have a connection to someone I really aprecheat
I like to enjoy a women
I like good company

This is new, very new. Normally I run around to have contact with a lot of people.

Thats very new🙄

I have to say that this is a very interesting custom.
Since I played the first loop I am constantly making changes.

Alot of healthy self esteem development is happening


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There is needyness leaving my body

I like that very much

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5 days ago I did my last loop of wanted and I am still processing like crazy.
The next loop will be in 3 days.

It the first time I have trouble to describe what’s going on

But I try it anyway

I date a super super sexy Peruvian Dentist and I don’t give it to her in fact I let her do the move. She asked me if I like the Peruvian women and I told her : yes and no, yes because (keep in mind that iquitos is a Jungel city, the people here are different) it’s very easy to have sex with 18+ women, 2-3 women a day is possible. But they are like fucking Animals. They fuck like there is no tomorrow and then they leave, like they where in a fast food restaurant😂
I told her I like to have a connection with a women, I like to enjoy slow sex and expirience the women, i like to hear the women, smell the women, kiss her wohle body, kiss her slow for a long time, hold her afterwards, I want the women to honor my body, I want the women to seduce me and have a great time, I like that the women teach me what is right for her, so that I can be her great lover, I want Sensuality and I want her to be Sensual to me. Then I told her, if she ever want a good, long, sensual and sexual night/nights she has to give me a Call. Then I did what I wanted and she followed me the whole evening.

Normally I tell Women that I find them Erotic and I want to sleep with them right now. But somehow I put the decision in her Hands.

I am developing a solid healthy self esteem
I aknowledge my worth
I belive I am valuable
I see my flaws and kind of smirk about and tell me : so what, let’s use them for giving me an edge

During a walk I asked myself : how woud I behave if I can be however I want to be and still get the women I want.

Instandly pressure dropped off me, a sence of: I don’t need to pretend to be something I am not

And I started to play and joke around with everbody

And somehow I see every attractive women as an opportunity to have funn In all directions

I started to accept myself for who I am and I like to be me

I start to love me more and more

Yesterday I had a little down for 20 seconds where I felt unloved but I told myself : OK it’s true that I don’t have someone to love but until I find someone, I can love myself and start there

A couple of sad states arised ( Heartsong for sure) that had to do with:left alone in the world

I had 3 days to work on my heart but a good amount of these sad states are no more inside me

The sense of : everyone who leave me or mistreat me is just plain stupid :grin:

The sense of I am a desirable Man

And much more.
I update later

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I Wanted to continue with this custom but something crossed my plans.

I got Covid for the 2nd time and this time it is 3xstronger and it knocked me out for 5 days as hard as possible.
Yesterday I walked into the bathroom and I Coud not breath for 30 seconds. I ended up falling into the sink with my head.

What a Bitch.

I did 3 pcr test.
1 Saturday - positive - without any symptoms
1 2 days ago, in a horrible state- negative
And 1 today in a fuckt up state-waiting for the results.

I have all the symptoms and still tested negative

I have to wait minimum 1 week more until I am ready to do another loop.
I just don’t have the strength right now.

I also tested the ageis iniciative covid 19 sub at Saturday and I feel since then that my system is working nonstop and fighting for me.

I could not do another loop since then.

I want to write a detailed story but I can’t do it right now.

I am listening to aegis initiative 19

Since 30 min I notice my stomach is activated and I hear myself saying : I build antibody against this sickness. I heal everything

Over and over again



I can breathe again

That’s Magic

@SaintSovereign @Fire. THANK YOU

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I don’t get it.
I have all the covid symptoms and this time very very strong.

But my pcr tests are negative for the second time.

This is fucked up

Funny bro!!! I think you would need a third pant leg for that.