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I’ve been studying on this topic for the last couple of months. Very interesting. you have to expand your vision and sense out around you to begin feeling the vibrations of ambient energy. The goal here is to combine effectively your real vision with your psychic sight.

The first step to programming is understanding what it actually is. You do not need to know, but it will help if your conscious mind already understands the concept. From there it is a simple matter of practice. This is why the first section of this article explains programming.


Advanced Energy Manipulation
and Programming requires a deep skill in trancing, sensitivity, and energy manipulation. It is a priceless skill, however, and can easily be applied to many other skills, such as Crowd Control (via Telepathic/Empathic Suggestion). To understand and accomplish this, you first need knowledge of how energy patterns work with programming. From here, we expand. As a side note, Advanced Energy Manipulation and Programming is also known as: Psychoenergetics.


**So you want to know Psychic development step by step?

Here is a great article**

A State of Mind is being read not just by advanced and experienced energy workers, but also by (or mainly) by true beginners, people who want to learn psychicic arts from scratches. For those people is this post. Last article of this sort – Beginning Psionics – is 2 years old and let’s admit it, it is little outdated. So here it is, a revised view upon beginning psychic development.

What’s with psychic/psychics?

Fresh readers probably noticed I’m using two terms – psychic development and psychics. What’s with both terms? Well, they’re the same thing. It’s just that psychics is a fresh term for a specific approach to psychic development, and psychic development is a well known term. So whenever you will see one of these terms be advice that you can use both of them. I won’t get into details as to what psychics is, because all you need to know is that psychics is a development of psychic abilities. In order to develop psychic abilities, you have to remember about proper development process.

Development process

  1. Learn meditation
  2. Understand visualization
  3. Learn energy manipulation
  4. Learn about psychic defense
  5. Learn about extra-sensory perception (ESP)
  6. Learn the rest…

1. Meditation

Meditation is a way to clear your mind and allow psychic information access your consciousness, as well as your own conscious mind to focus on manipulating psychicic energies. Those energies are responsible for achieving different tasks using psychic means. This is discussed in another places of A State of Mind, right now let’s focus on the fact that you need to learn how to meditate. Here are few articles on this subject.

2. Visualization

[adsensebox] Visualization in simple words is imagining things inside your mind. It’s useful skill to be used for first few months of psychic development. It will support both your energy manipulation techniques and extra-sensory perception skills such as clairvoyance or psychometry. Below are two useful articles that will help you understand visualization.

3. Energy Manipulation

After learning the basics of meditation and visualization, you can move forward to energy work. The old ways are… old :). Today, I can recommend only one particular system for energy manipulation – New Energy Ways . The system uses tactile visualization, it means in order to manipulate the energy you have to literally feel the touch on your body. It might sounds difficult, but it’s very, very easy :). Learning energy manipulation is the next step in developing psychic abilities.

There are also other articles for energy workers published in the past on ASoM:

4. Psychic Defense

Psychic Defense, or psychic self-defense is an important skill for every energy worker (and occult practitioners), that is why there’s a whole posts series on A State of Mind focusing on this subject.

5. Extra-sensory perception

The final step in psychic development is learning how to perceive information through psychic means. Skills like precognition are very random and I know of no method of learning them. On the other hand, things like psychic readings are very simple to learn and requires only time for practise. Practise is always the key. Learning basics of telepathy, empathy, psychometry and other ESP skills is easy as long as you have no problems understanding the basic mechanics :).

6. Everything else…

Psychokinesis (fork bending), remote viewing, healing and other psychic abilities are the last to learn, because they’re most advanced psychic arts. These skills can be learned only after understanding and developing basic skills ( 1 to 5 ) so as long as you’re a beginner and you aren’t practising for few years, don’t worry about these things, there will be time to explore this area of psychics someday.

Now you understand the process of psychic development so you can go and start your training from the very first step – meditation . Don’t forget no matter what level you’re on, you can still read everything about anything regarding psychics, as theory is as important as practical side of psychics. Have you ever consider meditation as fundamental skill of psychics? What are your thoughts about the process above


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Good information @lowrider.

I can attest to meditation actually being the most important exercise a human can practice.