Project WorldBreaker

  • Crazy thing, I had a thought cross my mind that I should get to know the age of the female I’ve been talking to in California just in case she’s a minor. 30 seconds later she text me that she’s 35.

  • Ascended Mogul seems to produce joy within me, felt this within the first couple minutes of playing it for the first time. I like the internal shifts it causes more than ascension and mogul as separate programs.

Decided to just say screw it and order my custom today. On that note I’ll be starting a new Journal. Info is as follows for my custom.

Title: WorldBreaker
Strength: ZP Standard
Sound: Solace
Delivery: Standard


Ascension Chamber Core

Mind’s Eye Core

Fortune’s Favorite

Divine Will





Current Invoker

The Way of ROI

Energetic Development IV


Direct Influencing Aura

Auric Overdriver

Mountain Breaker

Fusion Optimized

The Architect

Inner Gasoline

Immortal’s Blade


Plan to use this custom for a full 3 cycles and if all goes well I’ll order the same custom in ZPT strength a few months from now. I figure in the mean time I could run AM about twice a week so I can still fulfill my wealth and personal power goals while boosting my manifestation skill, speed, power and abilities. Looking at this custom I’m sure it could be a great compliment to many main store programs.

Can’t wait to see what happens as in just the past couple months alone I’ve begun to feel like I have the potential to become a manifestation prodigy due to the results I’ve seen on a regular basis.



Manifestation Prodigy… i love that


Lol hope my results inspire a third custom for you

All from just today:

  • Once again I’m manifesting signs from the universe that this is the best time to boost my abilities. I keep running across knowledge to help me increase my manifestation power.

  • Today some ppl are acting scared to look me in the eye. I’m also getting an unusual amount of stares from dudes, I think the ascended mogul aura had started to work its magic. Even had a new team lead introduce himself in a super friendly way and tell me how much he like my dreadlocks. Probably because it reminded him of Bob Marley even though my dreads aren’t that big or long.

  • Playful girl is hinting more towards an actual relationship more than just being flirty, even starting to call me babe. Not that I ever tried to get her attention in the first place but this really is a woman that payed me no mind just a few months ago.

  • Didn’t even mention it the other day but my head manager tried introducing me to a female rep that’s pretty good at selling multiple services on a single call. When he introduced me she looked at me, rolled her eyes then turned away. I didn’t even react, just knew we wouldn’t be doing any socializing, even for business reasons. That was 2 days ago, I had a day off, I come back after running 2 loops of ascended mogul and I’ve caught this same female staring at me multiple times today. The looks are the same ones that the women who like me here give. I’m confused but whatever.

  • Had an older woman who works in my department hear me laugh at a joke she made. As soon as I turned around she called me cute and asked for my name, I’ve seen her stare me down before though. Later on in the day she started trying to ask me personal questions, and although she’s had the job longer than me she said that I sound like I’ve been here for 5 years already and sound sharp and confident on every call. She even kept asking me for sales advice.

  • I went to another seating row to ask a supervisor to save a sale for me. As soon as I began speaking, about 7 women on that row turned to face me, and kept staring as I spoke to the supervisor. Basically all day attention from women has been lustful and men either stare in a revering sort of way interact with me like I’m their older brother lol. The fame, charisma and personal magnetism AMZP creates seems to rival Stark ZP from just 2 loops.

  • Just noticed that my confidence, energy, ambition and assertiveness have all been slightly higher all throughout today.

  • I’m starting to consider selling to not even really be much of a challenge anymore. I’ve gotten that good at it thankfully.

  • Speaking of assertiveness a caller was acting childish and I quickly put her in her place, she acted a bit shocked and began becoming quiet and submissive towards me after I raised my tone, and told her in a matter of fact manner to stop trying to control the conversation and telling me that my answers should either be yea or no, when the questions she’s asking require detail responses, so she actually knows what’s going on. After the call I noticed I was still pretty angry so I took a short break from the phones to level myself out again. Felt like I had the energy of a lion overtake me.

  • A male supervisor acted excessively flattered when I complimented his shoes.

  • Did that thing again where I told myself something about work and it happened. Basically said “25 calls is a good number today, that’s how many I’m willing to take.” I took exactly 25 calls.

  • No lie it’s starting to look like I’ve been missing out by not running AM. I now see why it’s so highly regarded.


You’re making AM sound real nice. I work in sales as well so I’ve been thinking of what other subs would help me out at work.


Judging by my results from yesterday alone I’d say AM is a worthy consideration.

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Funny that you mention that, my plan was to always have my third custom be a manifestation custom. HOM has the most intense wealth manifestation, and is the most long term sub. My goal was to start with the most fast acting sub for a custom aka mogul and rich, then mid-sized programs aka chosen and emperor, then finally MASSIVE programs once i’m deeeeep into my stack, aka EOG AND HOM.

Before creating a third custom im going to update my original custom to prepare me for the eventual density overload of having 3 dual-core 20 module customs, and put in some results enhancers to prepare me for manifestation and strengthen that overall ability.

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  • My recent run with AMZP is starting to have me wonder if I have several sweet spots in terms of the way I use ZP programs.

  • When looking back over and studying my custom (WorldBreaker) I realized that in order to get the most from it, I’ll need to do a whole lot of conscious guiding. Even though ZP subs especially seem to work a bit better and faster with conscious guidance…this especially has many components that will require my own engaged effort to master, a truly interactive subliminal.

  • Don’t know what was up with me but I did not do good in sales today and even if I did, I didn’t feel lie being at work. A few hours later, My manager asked if I wanted to go home early since the entire department was doing terrible numbers and calls were slow. Mind you, going home early without being penalized is exactly how I wanted to leave today. Man, when I get my hands on world breaker I’ll be wiring my own life’s story with the way my ability to manifest has been improving.

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Dang. You tanked a whole company’s production just to leave 2 hours early. Now THAT’S power.

How do you consciously guide normal ZP subs?

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Lol funny thing is I just got extremely annoyed at the thought of staying longer and before I knew it I caught myself pouring energy into the intension of going home early.

I normally talk to my subconscious while I’m listening to a ZP and give it a goal I want to fulfill to consciously guide the subs. If I’m not listening to a sub at the time then I’ll think of the sub and then set an intension to do something.

Example if I listened to rich ZP within the past 24 hours then I just tell my mind to start manifesting sales and viola it tends to happen.


Results from the past 5 hours alone:

  • Internally I got the same results from 1 loop of AM that I got from the 2 loops I ran the other day. (this occurred even before I ran AC.

  • Today the part of AM that helps one discover who they are and what they want in life is really acting itself out.

  • Damn ok, so a potentially negative thing that I’m already starting to notice with AM is that as soon as I become slightly irritated with someone I start to express myself in a very commanding and angry way. Even on emperor I could curb the irritation a bit and continue to express myself calmly. With AM however as soon as I’m annoyed you’re going to know it and I WILL express it and not care about another’s reaction. TBH I haven’t had an alpha title from subclub enact a new level of assertiveness this quickly since EV3. I like the feeling though. As long as I work on my communication skills I should be able to make this a positive manifestation.

  • My dietary choices are already improving.

  • It feels like my subconscious is in love with AMZP.

  • Played my weekly loop of AsC about 2 hours after AM so I could use the rest of the weekend for resting time from my stack. I basically plan to take rest days until my custom arrives now. Anyway, a couple minutes into my AC loop I told it to enhance the speed and power of which I execute AM and make the power, money and sexual aspects more profound upon me. Man wen I tell you that AC is the ultimate sub booster…and it even lets you consciously control what about your stack you want to boost. Let me elaborate via the following observation:

So that “fiery” feeling AM gives me instantly begun to become enhanced. AC boosted the power of the single AM loop I did earlier, feels like o listened to AM all night. In any case my sense of ambition and personal power kept (and still is) growing stronger by the minute. It got to the point this where I felt rage building up, or at least a feeling akin to it so I spoke to my subconscious and told it to channel a portion of that aggression and power into the more charismatic and sexual sides of myself. Long story short, my mood became more balanced. AC is giving me enhanced moment-by-moment conscious control over the effects of AM. Not only that but I feel my entire being in all dimensions being effected, not just here in 3D. AC spread the effects and reach of AM or at least augmented it to the point where I can feel its reach beyond just the physical and mental parts of my being.


It’s a rest day and my sense of power and aggression are still extremely prominent. I asked PG why she wanted to talk to me and her response was “idk I just like your vibe”. Seems she can’t consciously tell me so there’s probably something her subconscious is picking up on about me.

Today I’m also pretty edgy and unwilling to socialize. For the time being it looks like playing AM once or twice weekly (with 2 loops max per week) will be the right move until further notice.

  • Physical strength has quickly increased from AM.

  • Even during my 2nd rest day my irritation was so bad that I just ended up playing a single 3-minute loop of chosen to counteract it. Within the first minute I already started feeling better and my anger began to clear. It did feel like I’d done a full loop though so depending on when my custom arrives I’ll probably have to wait before I can play it but at least I’ll be in a more positive frame of mind once it arrives. Btw I felt physical shifting happening with my eyes within minutes upon stopping the 3-minute loop of Chosen. In fact I went to the bathroom a few moments later and saw that my eyes had a slight glow and piercing look. This tells me one thing, I probably got recon from AM so quick because I didn’t realize that my sensitivity to ZP subs has increased drastically. That probably means for now I’m better off sticking to 3-5 minute intervals when listening.

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Please clarify

What is the 3-5 minutes intervals?

Just meaning playing the first 3-5 minutes of a ZP subliminal and stopping after that.

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  • Since that loop of Chosen my mind is bursting with positivity but it’s balanced with the seriousness of the alpha leadership mindset it induces. Strange that I didn’t even notice this when I ran Chosen and CFW in tandem. I now have a new level of appreciation for Chosen, a subliminal I originally never even planned to buy in the first place.

  • With the impression PG is giving me I can tell she’s starting aim for a relationship with me, as the end goal in mind. I’m not rushing a damn thing. Surprisingly I’m not a closed off to the idea of a relationship as I was in the past but I will be vetting her or any other woman to ensure that she’ll actually be a compliment to my life as opposed to a hinderance.

  • The older woman from a few posts ago asked me questions again, personal and work related. I could see PG watching us while we interacted. She also stared at me again when she noticed a female that showed up to work staring at me from a distance. Hope she ain’t the jealous type. Think she tried testing me too, she asked me to massage her thighs (mind you with a male coworker sitting right next to us). Obviously had to decline since we were at work but I turned it around with a witty joke.

  • Ironically my AM related recon shrunk down even more once I got to work and started interacting with others.

  • So remember that girl I mentioned that I thought was creeped out by me?.. she found a reason to speak to me today and the interaction had a pretty cool vibe, before that though she kept staring at me so much without saying anything that I was starting to get a little annoyed.

  • Apparently there’s something about the overall vibe Chosen gives you that makes sweet or down-to-Earth women highly attracted towards a man, as long as they feel comfortable in your presence of course.

  • Almost forgot to mention that my head manager saw I had a tough day on the phone with sales (most ppl did), and even though he took me off he thought highly enough of me to just basically tell me to go help newer reps close sales.


Just a side note here, I’ve been noticing a strange pattern and I can’t tell what’s causing it but it’s like some of the few ppl I’m close to are drifting away from me, maybe they’re going through things they don’t want to talk about, I can be the same way.

Maybe it’s just once again time to let even more ppl go, and It’s like ppl who want to get closer to me, I don’t want to let them in (you’re cool though @Invictus lol). Though I’m ultimately still misanthropic I can say for the first time in 31 years of living that despite my grand level of self love, that im beginning to experience short and mild bouts of loneliness. However, I don’t like the thought of the potential alternative. Hard to believe I’m even having these thoughts.

Could I easily start socializing with others more to try and expand my circle again? Sure but there are many factors that make me hesitant and it’s not even just about fear of being betrayed again. Maybe I’ll look at this post someday and be able to find an answer, for now I still choose to remain a primarily a loner; not because that’s my comfort zone, or is it? Hell idk maybe these thoughts are some different and deeper form of recon.


Okay, this one hit me hard, mainly because a few months back, I had this same chain of thoughts, started overthinking about it, felt like I was just a background character in peoples lives, like a YouTube video people played in the background while they did what they wanted.

The only person who knows about this is my mom, because that day, I cried, a lot, with all my heart, and let me just say, it was all because of me.

I was the one who convinced myself that I was a background character, a person with “no one”, a person who people were drifting away from, but in reality, I was the one who got so focused on my own things that I started drifting away from others, and to them, it seemed like I was indirectly telling them to give me space, because I was starting to ditch hangouts and plans for the gym.

This might sound harsh, but are you putting in effort to maintain those connections?
Are you putting in the positive energy to “bloom” them?

Look inwards, and sit with yourself, and ask yourself “am I a person who I’d spend the day with?”, because most of the time, even if you answered yes, if you tried to plan it out, you might come to realize that you probably don’t even have the time.

This is why I tend to gravitate towards the social subs more, because we are social creatures by nature, and I’ve been reading your journals, and trust me when I say this, you’re a workaholic.

So be brutally honest with yourself and ask this:

am I really living?

My advice?
Put yourself out there, go to a party, take people from work to a friendly lunch and get to know them (like actually know them), go on dates, strike up random conversations with people, just don’t end up overthinking too much about it.


Being honest I do try and sometimes that’s part of the problem. I definitely know sometimes I can be aloof and it seems like at times when I do want to connect with others, I don’t seem to get a vibe back where others want to connect. Granted, I know sometimes ppl go through things or there are other factors that may play into them giving me lukewarm vibes at the moment.

It seems like ppl mostly want to connect with me when I’m not in the mood to deal with or be around ppl, take today for instance in my earlier posts about all that female attention, when I first got to work I practically wanted to be the only person on the bldg but Chosen worked its magic.

As for those I’m drifting away from it goes go both ways a bit, the only reason I think that these emotions are rising is because in the past I made the mistake of constantly investing into relationships with others where the same amount of effort wasn’t matched and ppl I was good friends with one day out of the blue would stop responding to my calls, texts, invites to hang, etc.

It left me in a state of confusion about how to even maintain long-term relationships and effected my social confidence for a while. Part of me just felt that if I did so much to try and be a good friend and I still end up being abandoned and unappreciated then what’s the point?

Though at times I don’t mean to come off as cold it often tends to happen cause of memories like that. I can even see at work sometimes where ppl act like they want to socialize with me because they’re drawn to me but yet again I’m hardly ever in the mood to socialize. I don’t mean to hurt their feelings but at times I admit that I end up feeling bad about it.

I’m someone I’d definitely spend the day with. I love my own company for a reason. I can tell by people’s reactions that when I’m in my social zone that I can be very charming, funny, etc. life of the party type deal but also a deep and sincere lover, friend, etc.

I often don’t make time to socialize so that you’re right about. I could make the time despite my busy schedule but I tend to direct my spare energy into things I feel are more important than connecting with others. For a minute I don’t feel like I’ve truly been living so there’s the answer to that question, and sometimes I do use my strong work ethic as an excuse to avoid connecting with people for extended periods of time.

Certain people at work are starting to warm up to me, and I see there are still others that want to connect so maybe I’ll try letting my guard down (had a female friend call me guarded the other day, and she’s not the first person to ever tell me that it’s obvious that I have a wall up, I’ve heard that from ppl a few times over the past 10 years but I’ve really been like that for about 16 years now). I’ll see where things go from here. Gotta take a shower now, I always feel weird when I end up having a vulnerable moment lol.


The star of the show finally arrived. WorldBreaker got delivered right before I went to sleep. I played a full loop. Very difficult to describe how I’ve felt since then. My body feels like it’s a hologram. From the inside out I feel extremely light and “airy”. I did test drive the current invoker feature and that seems promising. Besides that I’ll just have to give it time to see what happens.