Product Request: Female Titles

@SaintSovereign @Fire - any chance we could get a range of female titles targeting being an incredible mother, being an incredible wife, and nurturing an incredible family?

Ascension for Women and Seductress isn’t even CLOSE to being enough.

Ascension for Women and Seductress are great titles but it feels like there is a MASSIVE void in the market for women not striving to be alpha women or hyper sexual.

The religious, stay at home wife, raising the kids archetype - with more traditional values.



Alchemist is a great option for religious focus but not entirely what I am looking to put my partner on. My main focus is on the stay at home wife, raising children, nurturing family atmosphere, CEO of our household type thing.

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Has she picked any specific subs out yet?

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No I haven’t brought up the subject with her yet. I’ve been looking for the right product to introduce her to this community but unfortunately the product doesn’t exist.

Most likely I’ll have her read into Seductress and Lovebomb, or maybe some healing titles like Regeneration and Sanguine.

I guess my next question is: is she on board with wanting those things?


Only thing she isn’t on board with is the “stay at home” part :joy:

She wants to work.

Good luck then.

Yeah, I don’t see that going over well. SC subs don’t deal with coercion or otherwise forcing belief changes on others.


Genuine question. How is requesting titles that better serve women even remotely close to coercion or manipulation of beliefs?


Nothing I’ve said in this thread would be interpreted as such either.

You said she wants to work, you want to make her stay at home…
This is what others are referring to

I think subs (subclub one’s at least) are great to regain power on one’s OWN life


Genuine response. Because you said you want her to change her wishes to meet your ideal of what a “traditional” woman should want to do.


Oh? Where did I specifically say that? I am curious… In no way have I said I want her to change. It’s entirely her choice plus she most likely won’t even be open to testing out subliminals.

Not taking sides, but I think this is what @BLACKICE was referring to.

Firstly, let’s try and keep the peace. Let’s not suggest people work on reading when we’ve all came to the same conclusion based on the above post.

This post comes across as her wanting to work, but you wanting her to stay at home and be transitional. That comes across as you wanting to use subs to force her to be your ideal.



Ultimately my post is to address multiple different product gaps in female titles.


This request is perfectly fine as long as the user knows its objectives when she runs it.

There are women who prefer to stay at home, be a traditional woman and be submissive to their men.

Highly attractive to dominant men.

Am sure we could argue the point(s) but as a request, it’s fine.


It was implied here:

My comprehension of what I’ve read is that she wants to work, while you want her to stay home, and you are asking for a subliminal to help nudge her along to this new belief.


Yep, the request is valid… some requests just tend to get more pushback than others. That’s all.