Problem with SM


Since I started listening to SM I am having nighttime pollutions every two days. is it just a phase? Has anyone had my same problem? It is not the end of the world, however, it is very uncomfortable to wake up at 3 in the morning with a problem in my underpants ahahhaha


You should be happy it’s working…:sweat_smile:
Do u have a partner? needs release


interesting enough…when I ran it,I had lots of sweet dreams and actually SMQ manifested a really needy girl who wanted to pay me money to fly to her city to fuck her…wet pants…that’s something new…I ran both SM and SMQ two version…never had that problem…


Yes, similar experience here. When I was experimenting with Sex Mastery Q, as to compare it with the previous version, I had ‘wed dreams’, I didn’t even know this was possible. I always had sex in my dreams with different girls and ended up ejaculating in the physical tho.

I decided to stop listening as I prefer to build up that energy through retention. I do believe if you have an active sex life that it won’t be a problem. It only happened to me every 3 or 4 days of not ejaculating and then I’d happen again in my dream, I did have the sex dreams almost every single night.


Initially , I used to have lot of wild dreams of different girls in wild settings , but it settled gradually.
But never had wet dreams .


What… the hell…?

Yes, I am surprised. I never heard of something like this before.


Haha interesting

I only had that when I was 15 and did my 100 day nofap challenge. In the beginning, it happened every 5-10 days and then frequently less.

But if SMQ cuts it down to 2-4 days… that’s impressive :flushed: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


eeeeehhh probably my relationship with my girlfriend is going to end so for this situation we are not having sex.


I was trying to generate energy through semen retention too, but i’d like to continue to use SM2 so i hope this is just a period.


Yeah it’s really impressive ahahah but it’s something i’m not interested so i hope it will stop to happen ahahhah


Run regeneration more and reduce SM …once u start healing you will have a new perspective on things…


As long as it’s not a compulsive behavior, there’s really nothing wrong with taking the situation in hand every couple of days to save yourself from having the problem. You’re losing your retention streak anyway.


Good luck! I’m sure it’ll work out for you at the end. I personally didn’t have the priority to test this out in the long run, but surely am interested in your results.


so you’re saying that maybe if i calm and heal more my mind i could control more the effects of SM?


The problem is that i started semen retention to avoid compulsive masturbation and porn.


Thanks, if in future you will check the situation i have a journal My journal with QL, SM2 and Regeneration


Never had wet dreams of anything you have described using SM.


Yes and regeneration also brings up lots of emotions etc…so u don’t want to be confused and overload the body…so my suggestion is heal for atleast a month then add SM…
I have never run SM. But if u not going to release and make SM work it will build up and come out at night …


And if is not SM the problem? because when i woke up this morning at 3 am i was listening to regeneration that is the first sub in my playlist, so i wasn’t still listening to SM. But it would be really strange, so i think i will reduce SM and try to add more regeneration loops.
However maybe the creators can tell me more? @SaintSovereign and @Fire what do you think?
Wait can i actually ask directly to them? idk ahahah


I can say with uttermost confidence that these wed dreams are caused by Sex Mastery.