Primal Vs. Ascention


Just wanted to know what was the difference between ascencion and primal… ascension seems to be working a lot on productivity and success in all area! But primal is also written as an “alpha male” subliminal…!

“develop a sense of identity-level deep, genuine, unshakeable self-confidence, prompting you to become self-reliant both mentally and emotionally”

“self-actualized individual that exudes a powerful aura of strength, confident and self-respect”

“contains scripting to help you discover your personal mission and ultimate goals in life”

I wanted to know if primal included the “personal power” script from ascension or if it is a completely different program, emperor is also an alpha male program and it does contain ascension

Thank you very much :slight_smile:


I believe Ascension is about gaining Status in every group you are. To become the Alpha Male.

Primal is about becoming who you are meant to be. The mean you deep down view as the ideal man. That can get you status, or you can be more independent, or a part of a group to not deal with status politics but still be loved because you are the fun carefree authentic guy.

They don’t have the same scripts.


@AMASH just gave a good explanation. The scripts are different, but many of the concepts from Ascension are in Primal. Keep in mind that they serve drastically different purposes. Make sure you choose the right one for your needs, or run both.


I feel that I can relate more with Primal (being carefree authentic guy) rather than the Ascension (gaining status in every group). But why there’s Ascended Mogul but no Primal Mogul? Is Mogul work better with Ascension rather than Primal?


Because Primal’s primary purpose is getting you in touch with your “Primal” self. It has personal power scripting, but it’s MUCH more sexual in nature than Ascension.


Speaking about Mogul, will we be getting a mogul version of new dawn?


Dude, if any one sub should get a new dawn version it is PRIMAL :smiley:


Every current cubs will be updated to primaltech V2 or NewDawn :


Oh yeah, I have been running primal for the past month and I like it :slight_smile: Can’t wait for it to be updated to New Dawn… become the ultimate carefree badass guy like Tyler Durden :drooling_face: