Primal Seduction Qv2 by Dragonrider

Hello Community

This is my Journal for Primal Seduction and that’s my custom in QV2

Primal Seduction Q Core
True social ultima
Godlike Masculinity
Long-Range Seduction
Seducer’s Gaze
Sphaera Magnetica
Instant Spark
Gorgeous Manifestor
Earthshaker – Sexuality
Inner Gasoline
Love Without Attachment
Sexiness Unbound
Sexual Manifestation
Dragon tongue
Transcendental Connection
Deep Sleep


I am since 8 months on a healing journey and the one topic I can’t overcome by myself is loneliness, It pop out quit some times so 3 weeks ago I couldn’t bear it any longer so I decided to do something for myself.

My situation : 5 years single, 2 times sex in this time, opportunities where there but I decline them.

Inner state: lots of stuff to upgrade

Let’s go


First loop 5 days ago

Felt good, very light, then later on this evening I watch a tantric massage video and I picked up al the fine movements and integrated them instantly.
Also my Energy in my fun-zones are dense and available for me, they don’t spread out, that’s for sure inner Gasoline

I have the feeling : I am sexual, very erotic, very sensual, very powerful and very Raw at the same time.
I am in a very good mood and my stomach feels like a fire and that’s very pleasant.

2nd loop today

I feel like a ball of Erotic power in my pleasure areas is growing larger than I can Handel with my head.
Now the lower parts of my Chakras are dominant.
Feels like a relieve from my head

I like it very much.

1 of my goals with this sub is that I become so irresistible Arousing that Women Seduce me
Another goal is that I can choose whit whom I want to be intimate
Also I want the experience to be a effortlessly-powerful-sexual-arousing-magnetic-masculine Man

Its a Funn Journey


I know True Social Ultima V2 and as a experiment I added it to this custom.

It works pretty well and I like it better that way. the difference is, its very natural and dormant until I have a interaction, then it flows effortless and natural without needing energy to sustain that state.
TRU solo is like my brain is constantly in the Zone and needs energy to sustain the state.

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Is your listening routine one loop of your custom every five days then?
No other subs on your playlist, right?

I do 2 loops this week with these Ultimas dayly Sanguine/Love Bomb.

First loop today and the 2nd loop in 2 days

I did 1 hour ago1 loop Ascension/Daredevil/Inner Circle in a custom but that’s it.i let that on the side for this week. I wanted to test something and found out what I needed to know.

I don’t have to bombard myself to feel something or recognize that it’s working, 1 loop gives me so much that I drive better slow, so I can integrate and proceed

I have this since 5 months, after I did 3 months a Regeneration custom with all healing Moduls.
Before the Healing custom I Coud lisen to 12 loops a day with minimal results. After these 3 months 1 loop is so much that I have to cut it to 1 loop.

The funny thing is that I didn’t believe it a couple of times that it works like that with me now.
I bombarded myself a couple of times into massive reconciliation :joy:

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What can you say about Regeneration vs DR?

Superb custom. I have about half a dozen of the modules in my current QV2 custom.
(Temptation, Seducer’s Gaze, Panther, Goegeous Manifestor, Earthshaker - Sexuality, Love Without Attachment)

Great choices.

Also was thinking about adding Inner Gasoline, but at one point I had to cut down my wish list to 20 modules :wink:

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I slept wonderful deep and start to imagine how it is when women cheer me on for me being sexual. After 3 min all of a sudden something in me closed down like an oister.
I saw how I pull back from the experience to “get hurt” when I am open. So I let every unpleasant feeling or imaginative scenario come up and after 5 min sitting with them I startet to laugh about. That’s it, no more than a little discomfort,I expirienced much worse things, a million times stronger than these little farts.
The realization that I am capable of expirience discomfort and then clean the shit out of me and upgrade my inner state makes the closing down obsolete.

So very naturally I imagine successful hot times with women I want.
I believe I can have that now.

Today I lisen to Sanguine Ultima and that’s it.


If you didn’t try it until now, I encourage you to put it into your next custom.
It gives me my energy back, and I can use my energy for myself, before my energy was leaking out of me in search of pleasure in the world.
Now I have pleasure inside.

Its perfect


DR wins for me.
Regeneration is to les for me.
Are you giving up on the healing journey?

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No Im still going

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Very good.
Why the question of comparison between the 2 programs?

:point_up_2:Is this even correct English? :joy:

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Nice to hear your review of both since you did both for a very long time.

I want to give you a comparison but I can’t.
I did Regeneration in a time where my circumstances where so Catastrophic that I only vomited 5 times a day minimum without noticing what’s really going on.
Let’s say I was numb and dead at the times I did RegenerationQ.

I asked myself this question: How much did RegenerationQ do? and the response is : more than you think.

This was my custom at the time

Regeneration Q Core

Energetic Development XI
Growth Through Pain
Information Releaser
Limit Destroyer
Negativity Shifter
Spiritual Abundance
Spiritual Freedom
The Flow
Intuition Enhancer
Blue Skies
Prevent Premature Ejaculation
Inner Voice
Gratitude Embodiment

DR on the other hand burned these states I was in away. So I highly recommend Dragon Reborn


WOW! This is a deep healing custom!

This PS sub looks great! My concern is

It’s aura based and I’ve wondered if running aura modules might be fatiguing. So I would wonder if the number of loops you could tolerate might be limited by this module.

Maybe but I counteract it with some Energetic tools.
So I let a little bit more energy in :wink:
This way I am in balance

Also I don’t need much loops anymore. 3 per week is my maximum and I make more progress than running more loops

I did this custom 3 months before DR came out strait.