Primal Seduction considered heavy?

Hi, i have just started listening to subliminals.
Currently i am listening to Primal Seduction. Is PS considered to be heavy? I can listen to max 4 loops right now, more will give me headache.
If i stack with Libertine Ultima, do i need to reduce number of loops of PS?

I can already feel some charges, most surprisingly for me is that my posture has changed. Keeping my head and neck more uprised. Only after four days. Is this common?

Another question about Ultima, can someone give technical advice about speakers and/or headphones.
Can i listen to it in my car? I think i have an Dynaudio sound system in my car.
And can i listen to it on my Sonos system in my bedroom?
Do not want to waste my time with bad equipment. :slight_smile:


People new to subs get that early high… I forgot the term for this.
But soon this feeling of seeing instant results may run out. You will start feeling like the sub stopped working. However, in reality the sub is starting to cause deep changes in you. From that point onwards you will have massive changes but you might just not notice the changes because it will feel natural to you. But after a few days, weeks, months, if you look back at life events, you will notice the deep changes.

As for Ultima I prefer to listen to them on headphones. But I suppose if you have great speakers, you can use them