Primal Q Discussion


Hello Gentleman,

There have been talks of Primal Q possibly becoming the next product. Primal was the on the right path, it was to shave off society rules to become the sexual man devoid of toxic programming, Then came Primal Seduction the most powerful seduction program in the world. Why ? coz I got laid on this product , I testify to seducing long legged blonds with green and blue eyes. Through blood, sweat and tears young Fire forged Primal Seduction into the most potent seduction subliminal of all time.

Now coming soon what I might say might be hearsay !! but I think not PS Q is coming. Yes young Fire goes back to the fires (no pun intended) to forge again yet another product !!.

So what do you guys want to see in Primal Seduction Q ?


Primal was one of the best products from subclub. In my preference, it was even better than PS:IT.

For the subliminal, I think, more intense sexual aura, more sexual energy awareness, more presence (in the moment attitude). And overall boost in sexual energy.

Although I’m looking forward to Khan Q or Khan V2.
I prefer v[x] naming scheme better.

Primal vs Primal Seduction

Victor excellent ideas will relay this to Fire.


Primal Q , sounds like an interesting idea !


Why not though?


I’d like that scripting from Sex and Seduction, where you feel like a tunnel of connection is between you and the girl, she feels as if she has known you her whole life, and when you look into her eyes, as if sparks of electricity are flying in the air and fireworks all over.

That scripting in S&S v2.1 was cool.

Although I am hoping next for Sex Mastery Q.


This might be kind of frustrating. We can’t go out and give a seduction sub a good run right now. The playground is infested with cooties, so it’s a good idea to stay away from girls. See? I did learn something in school.


I pointed it out at some point. And even a sex mastery active supercharger :wink:

Although, back to the topic

This is what being present in the moment means. Connection with people outside is wholly and solely dependent upon your own connection with yourself. I kept this in mind.

Here :slight_smile:


Is it true, @AMASH, that only Primal gives the Wu Wei feel?

Not even StarkQ?

So, will PrimalQ be like Wu Wei Q?

How do you think Primal can help in terms about power accumulation (brain power, spiritual power, personal power, financial power, political power, power to influence, etc) beyond seduction in the context of Wu Wei?


May be off topic here but imagine what SM can do when it’s updated to Q , it’s already so potent then it can be ultimate weapon with PS Q to achieve and perform


I cannot comment on StarkQ, since I have not used it.

How is your experience with it?


Haven’t tried StarkQ yet.


I wonder how Primal Q and Sex & Seduction Q will perform stacked together, compared to Primal Seduction Q.


Emperor kicked me up the arse and got me to focus on whatever I wanted to accomplish. Primal made me want to go out and hit on loads of women with days of listening to it which I did. Khan stage 1 and 4 very powerful I felt changes within days. The aura from khan had women checking me out and starting conversations with me.

Stark Q its been a week so far and not experienced anything worth sharing.


Stage 1, 4, or both?


Not even restless leg syndrome?

For some reason I always get it while listening to StarkQ haha


What is Wu Wei?


Be like water my friend. Obedient and flexible yet always victorious. Everything it does seems effortless.


Both i think


Interesting. How did you know Stages 2 and 3 didnt play a part?