Primal for Sales


I would love to see a program along the lines of “Primal for Sales”. Basically, this would apply a lot of the same mindsets needed for picking up women to sales. Confidence, charisma, quick thinking, attraction, alpha, no fear of rejection, etc. All about sales and influence, though. Not about sex or romance.


Sales Mastery X is on the agenda for this year, as we expand our learning and skills track.


Is there anything like that but for stocks/stock options in the pipeline … that would be pretty cool… or is that kind of already implemented in mogul?


Emperor will do the job I know from personal experience.


We want to programs for the stock market, forex and real estate soon. The question is whether we’ll build it on the Weapon X platform (which hasn’t been updated in awhile) or the Mogul platform. I can’t go into too much detail because that’s trade secret, but the platform we choose will change the way you get results.

Main Discussion Thread - Mogul v2

Without divulging any trade secret can you explain the difference between those two platforms?


The Weapon X platform is skills based. The scripting is aimed at directing your subconscious to improve those skills and as you practice, you’ll get better, much faster. Gaming Mastery X, for example. It doesn’t have many public reviews, but we get lots of positive reviews behind the scenes.

Mogul is built much, much differently and is aimed at changing your way of life to meet the target goals.

Main Discussion Thread - Mogul v2

Both Mogul and weapon x sound like a good fit for that kind of subliminal.


Yes, that’s the problem. We can’t “link” them together in the same script, however. We have a potential solution that we’re exploring, and that’s building both subliminals, linking the scripts together and then selling them as a single title. The “Mogul” platform will use Limitless to help skills, and then the Weapon X subliminal will also build skills. That will require a pricing change, however, since it’s two bundled subliminals.


That is a smart way of going about it. The price is the tricky part but at the same time, you guys price your stuff very affordable for people. If it was up to me i’d probably price it around $55-65 with a pre order price of $40.