PLEASE READ: emperorQ Testing Thread


Name embed selections will be coming out soon. In the first round (and there may not be a second), I will select 5 - 10 individuals who I feel fits our needs. There is a rubric, but I won’t be releasing that publicly. Also, the name embed tests will most likely be public.


Can’t wait to see how it goes for testers! :smile:

Will people who have the name empeded subs will be able to tell other people they have name embedded subs?

I really am curious as how name embedding affect users, can’t wait to see the journals!


I’m curious how name-embedding works. Or why it works, more accurately. Is it just because your subconscious has heard your name so often it is one of the strongest subconscious programs? Because sometimes I feel like changing my name, as if I really want another one. Even know which one, it clicked when I thought of it.

But since people have been calling me by one name all my life, perhaps whenever I hear it, my subconscious goes “yup, that’s us!”
Just like how you can hear your name spoken in a crowded bar.

So maybe that’s why it works…


I have the same way of seeing this! You have a certain “attachment” to your name and how it sounds, I have seen articles on this!


With the release of Aegis Initiative: COVID-19, all testers are approved and welcome to stack it with emperorQ.

[SOLO][Seeker] EmperorQ Testing (This journal is now closed. Please delete.)

sweet, i know i won’t be selected since i haven’t been updating mine diligently but it would be awesome. But who ever gets them is lucky can’t wait to read those results


I will be extremely happy for those privileged to test out the name-embedded subs.


First, I would like to thank you, @SaintSovereign and @Fire, for bringing great value to people with your products and for your concern of human lives and potential. Second, I was 100% sure that something related to COVID-19 is being in process of creation. You are just in time! Third, Aegis is one of my favorite words since Lands of Lore game in 1994 :smiley:

I’l add it to my stack and in EQa journal I’l mention effects it does to me (main focus remains on EQa).


Manifestations EVERYWHERE. :wink:
And you’re quite welcome.



When do you anticipate testing to complete, and perhaps a tentative official EmperorQ build release date, please ?


Now that StarkQ is out, is testing for EmperorQ done?


@d1gz - am guessing that EmperorQ Testing will be done once Q is out. Do verify this for us, @SaintSovereign


Testing isn’t “done,” but I’m fully expecting most people to either bail or stack. I’d prefer stacking, since EmperorQ is still a powerful title.


So would you say stacking would be the next thing to do? I’ve been running it solo till aegis came out. I’m tempted to get StarkQ, but only on your recommendation. Plus this has been one of the few testings I’ve been able to stay consistent with because it aligns with what I desire as well. But once again I’ll only stack if your giving the ok to.


Do you mind giving more details as to what is inside EmperorQ?


Can we still apply for the testing? I sent you an email yesterday.


@d1gz - I think he will give the details after the testing is done. Since he wants us to test it without us having preconceived notions of it. So once Q is out and testing is done, we will get details of EmperorQ.


Can you still get decent results if people stack EQ and SQ? I mean, they are so similar that you wouldn’t know which results came from which sub, right?

I’m still looking forward to the named tests, actually. I have never tried a named sub, I am very curious how the experience is. Obviously, Aegis is making me very optimistic about being included in the named test. :slight_smile:

For now, I can look at Start, even touch its awesomeness, but ears covered.

Also, all the people that drop out now, will there be repercussions in their chances of being included in future tests?


Ya’ll stop spreading this rumor that they’re “similar.” The only thing similar is the aspect of building an empire and making money. Everything else is different. You’ll be able to tell.