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I’m new to using subliminals, so I would really appreciate an introduction on how to use them properly. I have been trying them for a few weeks, but I’m not very consistent with listening to them on a daily basis-- or consistent with the subliminals I am using as I catch interest in any ones that have the affirmations I am looking for fairly quickly.

I have a few questions… am I supposed to listen at a specific hour of the day/specific amount of time? how long do results take to show up permanently if I listen consistently? I heard that the best time to listen to subliminals is while you are asleep but for some reason I get too anxious to listen to them and turn them off. does this mean it’s taking effect?

if there are any extra tips that would make subliminals work faster, please let me know

  • Consistency is important, your mind loves knowing what to expect.
  • Choose 1 subliminal that you like and stick with it for at least a month. 3 is better. If you need help figuring out which one to choose, tell us your goals and we’ll make suggestions
  • If you really can’t seem to get the discipline going, then use the ultrasonics (calibrate the volume) and just have them running in a place where you spend the most time. See if you can be near them at least 6 hours every day. When exactly you listen is not as important, but your mind prefers it if you listen around the same time. Like I said, it loves knowing what to expect.
  • A lot of people experience that listening during the day is a bit better because it will give your mind time to rest while you sleep. So if you have difficulty listening at night, that’s no problem.
  • When positive changes happen is different for everybody. If you want to help speed it up, keep a handwritten journal where you write at least 3 lines every day. On the first day, write clearly what your goals and expectations are for running the sub and look back at those at least once a week. And try to do at least one thing every day, no matter how small, to get closer to those goals. At first, nothing may happen. But it will build up until the changes become almost automatic.


What @DarkPhilosopher said.

If you want to get an idea on how subs work, pick a goal for yourself (be more alpha, learn faster, get stronger), journal for 2 weeks and notice the changes within you. where your mind leads you.


@corvus - in addition to the above advice, do get yourself the free ebook “Subliminals That Work” which SubClub has released. It is very helpful in deciding what subs to use and even gives example Playlists for beginners:


I’m new here.
This ebook should be sticky.
I spent over 8 hours looking for basic information on these subs.
Thanks for pointing the OP to it.

Maybe even part of the chat or intro.