Playing subliminal at different speeds

While I was listening to the sub, a sudden question came to me.

Would it be okay to play the sub(s) at different speed? Like x2, or x0.5, and etc., similar to YouTube videos.

My immediate thought is that it’s probably a terrible idea, but I was like, even though it’s a silly question, it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

Don’t worry though. I am running the sub at normal speed. (I try my best to follow the given instructions) However, if the results do not vary based on running speed of the sub, then I may be interested to run the subs at higher speed (e.g. x2).

However, my gut’s telling me that it’s not going to work.

What are your thoughts about playing the sub(s) at different speeds?


That’s correct.

Cheers, mate. :slight_smile:


Might mess with the delivery to the subconscious, it might even treat it like some kind of poison thought or something extremely negative and just stonewall or big heavy recon.

I’d still want Saint to provide an answer though as it is a “feel free to experiment” type of community. I wouldn’t want to influence as it’s your decision to try anything new.

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Strongly don’t recommend it. This was tried before by some others in the pre-ZP era with massive recon as a result. This is especially notable since recon from misuse of older-tech subs is not as bad as it is now.

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I don’t recommend it. But maybe Saint and Fire, could experiment with it, at a future date.

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Not even worth experimenting with. The technology they are working on will far exceed our expectations I’m sure and it’ll be probably sub 7 minutes.

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no these are set for a certain speed per second.

Hi guys,

I appreciate your opinions. Just to make sure, I placed a support ticket to get an official answer from SubClub.

Like you, SubClub officially recommends against playing the subliminal audio(s) at different speeds.


@sw72hw - it’s good you placed a support ticket. Plus there is no need to speed up the subliminal since it is only 15 min and you only have to run 1 loop of it every other day.

You can also get results by playing the audio for just 3 mins.


They are still on high speed. :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is why I don’t like experimenting with subliminals. If they could be optimized to the max, I figure SaintSovereign and Fire would have already done so.

And I understand people want to make discoveries and still try. Shoutout to them. But that’s my way of thinking with regard to the subs here.

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I also think Saint and Fire are pushing the subs to the max. There is little space left for experimenting on the technical side and it is not necessary. There is enough to experiment with the modules and the options offered by customs. The combinations are very large and if you add the shop titles, there are even more possibilities. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Fire - i agree.

Am reminded of you saying “I paid for the full 15 minutes” and it still makes me chuckle haha.

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