PizzaShaman’s journal - Ongoing

2/9 Morning Time!

Lots of incoming thoughts this morning.

  • Multiple revelations on how I operate! Stuff I suppose I always kinda knew? But today, weaved together in glorious comprehension and recognition!

  • How I can better handle speaking with larger groups. I do best one on one, and tend to clam up with each additional participant. An idea just floated in my head that I could do better if my energy were higher.

  • Why ‘everyone hates gingers’!

An interesting thought stream so far. Revelation of Mind in Terminus is fucking awesome!

Man. Even more ‘answers’ as I type this up.

  • Why exactly HERO/TWTP would work for me.

I am glad that I followed my hunch and have found my manifestation custom in Generator!

Time to get the listening sorted out for today.
Well, for lack of time to spend on the decision part, I shall replicate Wednesday listening.

1 min WBDLM
1 min TWTP

Should be fun for the weekend off! haha

:pizza: :pray:t2:


More thoughts tonight. I feel more.
Hard to put into words. More online? I have expanded? Both but not quite right as well.

Oddly, while I listened to my custom today and should be interested, I’m not in the mood for sex tonight.

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I think this goes along the lines of beliefs like “Why are blondes considered stupid” and “Why are Indians considered low value”. They are just stereotypes and false societal programming we need to overcome.

Got a funny thought when I saw this. If you make a Seduction custom, you can call it DeGenerate or DeGenerator lol.


Note to self: Realized this morning that RoM, TWTP, and WB make for an interesting combination.


Hmmm. Interesting thought. :slight_smile: I know what was delivered to me was formed from my subconscious, as I completely recognized what formulated my answer.
I will say no one I know considers Indians low value, at least to my knowledge.

Perish the thought! I spent my first 38 years in a degenerative state!

But…for myself, hmmmm. My aura is strong when I choose it to be, so I would leverage that. I’d have to try out the seduction store titles as I’ve not thus far.

So DeGenerate would be RoTNW core, Primal Nights Core, and either core from Primal Seduction or Sex and Seduction. I’d likely strike the seduction core for either Diamond or SMX core tho, as I do not know the consequences of listening to one of those titles while in my marriage.

Hmmm. So yes, MY DeGenerate custom would be RoTNW core, Primal Nights core, and Diamond Core. Sounds fun, and taxing on my energy! lol. How my perspective has changed.


I swear, I think of something and get guided to my answer. It’s happening so close together now!
Last night:

This is what I am/was experiencing.


2/12 Morning Time!

2 min Generator

I’ll be monitoring how I feel today, perhaps I will add to my listening this afternoon. My initial impression is that the +30 seconds today on this one was appropriate.

Tomorrow marks one year with SubClub. My first purchase was Diamond and SMX, with a 30% off coupon.

Had I known how things would progress, I would have loaded up that cart much more!


2/13 Morning Time!

Sick today. Pukey. Blah

One year today. HA.

Had a great idea this morning! For SubClub!

Idea Time

In thinking about my stack, and where I’d like to go from here, I’m strongly considering two customs to be created. A HERO/TWTP cores custom and a KBC4 core custom. I’d like to get them in Terminus strength as I appreciate my current Terminus custom, and I contribute a large measure of its effectiveness to its power level.

If I got those two in Terminus strength, and found it too much to run together, I would want to get a downgraded ZP version of each custom, as I want the scripting. If I recall correctly,(and correct me if I’m wrong) to get a rebuild ZP version of a ZPT custom: That would be a rebuild order of each custom, with a note or ticket to ensure its downgraded strength.

Why not add an option to Terminus or Terminus Squared strength orders to include ZP versions (masked and unmasked, Solace if already chosen)of said custom for $50? Save time/ lil backup if the Terminus ends up being too strong, etc?


2/14 Morning Time!

Still sick. Home again today.

I got a Valentine’s Day card from my wife on the table that I haven’t touched because I don’t have one for her. I didn’t anticipate getting sick, or I would have gotten one on my way home from work last night (had I gone).

1 min TWTP

I don’t know if I want to listen to more today or not. If I chill on other titles for the rest of the week, I’ll be fine to introduce something new next week. I am crafting a HERO/TWTP core custom, and bringing the HERO store title back into my stack is one way to get a feel for that.

I suppose the best way to go would be to do that for a week, see what I get/if it jives together, and then I’d be fine enough to order that custom. I could repeat the process then with KBC4, add the store title to the stack, see what I get, then go for it in custom form.

That’s it for now.


Fast as f—!!!

I decided that I would text my oldest child to see if she’d help dear old Dad out with a Vday card run.

Before sending the message, I was going to check my stash to see if I had a card by chance.

And there it was…

Some kinda manifestation speed record for me!


It’s a good idea.


Hope I did this correctly! Here it is on the roadmap.


Still feeling under the weather, but going back to work today.

Going to have to dig in and find some Rowvember vibes to get a workout in Friday and Saturday to make 3 this week.

I got this tho.
:pizza: :pray:t2:


2/16 Morning Time!

Gotta go row.

1 min TWTP

I may listen to more when I’m done. Going to row on it.


2 of 3!

1 min wbdlm custom. I’ll worry about the stack for march.

:pizza: :pray:t2:


3 of 3!
Not my best. Slept very poorly last night.
It’s done though!


Will start my rowing tomorrow again, had a bit of a backproblem.
Need to learn the correct execution to protect my intervertebral discs.

Will add other back excercises before i row the boat

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1 of 3.

Felt off this past weekend, and my brain felt full. Took yesterday off from listening. I might skip til next Monday. We’ll see.


I’d been wishing/thinking/kinda looking for something that exudes a calming aura.

Sanguine v2 comes along!

I already got the core chilling. Been there for a while. Now it’s updated. While I appreciate what was listed under Stacks Well With, I’m thinking TWTP would be a good match too.


2/23 Morning Time!

I think I’ll listen to something this morning. Not just yet tho.

I have purchased SanguineV2 and I think I’ll be incorporating that into my stack. Somehow…

As usual, there are so many good titles that I could derive benefit from and I want to listen to em all!

Le sigh.

An additional factor is KBC4. I haven’t listened to that for about 2 months now and I’d like to get it back in as well. I remember the sickass feeling of calm and control coming from the “trailer effect” of KBC1. In reading some of the discussion over in the KBC thread, I feel (for myself only) that while I have interest in the greater mysteries of internal energy cultivation et cetera, I am content to let KBC do most of the work and work out on my rower. :slight_smile: I am curious about the foundational text referenced but I don’t recall if the title was explicitly given.

Well. It’s been a week since I had a listen.

1.5 min SanguineV2