Personalities in life and fiction


I came across this very interesting website with analysis of the personalities of famous fictional characters

Below is Tony Starks’s. Apparently he is the ultimate “Commander” while Pepper Potts has an “Executive” personality type.

"He is strongly willful, doesn’t work well with any authority other than his own, and will enthusiastically tear down just about anyone who challenges him. He’s complicated, a little self-absorbed, and sometimes moody. We at 16Personalities think he is the ultimate Commander personality type with a seriously Turbulent streak.

Fortunately for the superhero world, Tony Stark is perceptive enough to identify his shortcomings and find people to shore up his weaknesses. For example, he gets Pepper Potts, his girlfriend/fiancée to take over as the CEO of Stark Enterprises, and she winds up doing a masterful job running the day-to-day business side of his company. (Our best guess is that she is well-suited for the job with an Assertive Executive – ESTJ-A – personality type.)"


While Stark goes in that direction, the sub is about finding your UNIQUENESS. It is not about becoming like Tony Stark but about leaving your own very mark on this earth (like he did fictionally). This includes finding your own style, business, humour. And this is what will truly make you magnetic, not copying somebody else


You know that the whole MBTI (16 personalities) is completely debunked right? It holds absolutely no scientific merit and in studies people’s results shifted when they would take the test a few weeks apart.