Personal Development Thread


Greetings everyone,

I have decided to create this Thread for the purpose of discussing any Personal Development related subjects, questions, or general experiences and stories. Everyone is open and welcome to hop in and discuss with our fellow members and community. As always, be kind to each other even though you have disagreeing opinions.

Your contributions to answers questions appropriately and with the best of your efforts are highly valued and appreciated.

Having that said, I’d like to initiate this with a question related to language learning. For those who’ve learned several languages – what would you suggest as the most intelligent way to learn a language being Italian in my case?

A lovely day to everyone and thank you for taking the time to answer and contribute to this Thread. :relaxed:


Living among people that only speak the language you want to learn is the most effective way, although is not the easiest to implement. A good alternative would be to get an Italian girlfriend. I’ve seen many examples of this being a very successful and enjoyable way to learn a language :wink:


Italian girlfriend with Italian speaking family, check :white_check_mark:

However, I’m looking for something to practice or learn Italian when I’m not with her or them and so each time we meet I can improve my Italian through speaking with her family.


If that’s the case I’d recommend a language learning app for your phone. You have to find one which makes learning fun, with small quizzes and games you can play often when you have some downtime throughout the day. I used one like that to learn coding and it did help, without feeling like I had to put much effort.


Check out the stuff by Tim Ferriss where he talks about learning Japanese relatively quickly by focusing on the words, phrases and characters on a popular poster. Like a movie poster or something. I forget where exactly I read this.

It might have been in “The 4-Hour Chef” book which is actually about meta-learning more than it is about cooking.

Basically it was the 80/20 idea of only needing 1000-1500 words in a language to be conversational enough where we you can then access the rest of the language from within the language itself.

Like people learning English are able to say “How do you say 'X” in English?"