Perfect posture


Yesterday I was watching a video that had one specific instruction which stuck to me like glue:

  • Head over heart, heart over pelvis.

Seems simple enough, right? I was amazed at how often I was catching myself not in this position. Since adapting it my posture has definitely improved and the more I do it the more natural it feels. You can check in a full length mirror to make sure everything is aligned and get used to how standing that way feels then self correct throughout the day. It took me less than a day to have it as an almost natural habit. For that extra high status/confident posture, relax your shoulders and drop them back.

I hope this helps some of you out! What are some other posture/body tips that have helped you?


Very important aspect you are bringing up.
But do you mean just to stay straight?

I am “fighting” with a rounded back myself and now integrated exercises into my workout to fix this. But is kinda inefficient when I sit 12 hours at a desk and either study or build a business from the ground up haha.

Here are the ones I find the most beneficial:


Yeah I’m just talking about staying straight. I’ve been using for sitting and standing upright. It makes a huge difference.Getting your body to naturally hold itself up straight.

Those are some interesting videos! They’re (I think) for a different problem that are a result from body building but they seem like they’re super useful


I do the Mcgill Big 3 core exercises every day. I also do a set of Foundation Training’s basic routine,I aim for every day on that too just one set to build into it slowly. And I do this move everyday (10 reps and some days i use a heavier band and do 5 reps) and today I noticed i was standing straighter and have a good posture without thinking about it now. I had a bit of anterior pelvic tilt and lower back SI joint issues and doing these exercises daily has been my main focus for the last couple of months.


Love Athlean-X! I’ll drop this one here too as it’s a nice balance with those:

This one focuses more on repositioning the joints, like it is more chiropractic. I get pops like mad in the last exercise, feels really nice too.