PCCQ runtime & StarkQ masked leveling


Two questions:

  1. Can someone tell me the play length of PCCQ? Is it 30 or 60 minutes?

  2. @SaintSovereign mentioned that StarkQ did not go through the same limiter add the rest of the Q titles but that he was going to run it through so that all the titles would be leveled the same. Did that happen? I redownload both masked and ultrasonic versions and the named track doesn’t sound the same level as the others.

Tyia :slight_smile:


PCC Q is 1h long, has the same volume as StarkQ.


Thanks! I’ll hold off then. For some reason 6.5 hours feels like too long a stack when 6 feels just right. Was hoping I could throw PCC in to fill in my last half hour. Oh well

And I guess I’m just imagining the sound difference lol


Was literally about to start working on this. I’m about to kill a few birds with one stone. One – our tech vendor just delivered the machine that COULD become Q-Squared (the actual production machine) if it performs well in testing. Two – I’m going to test it with StarkQ and AI: COVID-19 (to make the volume match). Three - start preparing for the Q-Power test.

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This was done yesterday. Been actually waiting for our unofficial quality assurance tester to make sure it works for him too. Paging @Simon :wink:


I have noticed that Aegis masked is significantly louder tha PSQ and SpartanQ as they are my main stack at the moment.


Yes, that was the other one @Simon pointed out. I’ll get it through Q shortly.


Sorry. It didn’t immediately occur to me that the “unofficial quality assurance tester” was me. :smile:

So, yes. I just checked. It’s perfect. :+1:t2:


Hahahaha. Real talk, though – we appreciate your diligence in pointing those errors out and your patience in waiting for us to fix them.