PCCQ - 4 loops (5 days on / 2 days off) [openmind]


Hey all,

I am going to give PCCQ a run. I am out of the loop in respect to the custom subs but I have run EmperorQ with good results, so I hope to see some results with PCCQ too. I tossed up between PCCQ and StarkQ, but I think I made the right choice because I experience too strong reconciliation with social subs, and for that reason I thought StarkQ might be too much. My objective is to better understand people and their motives while increasing my own sociability and status.

I am starting here:


  • 2 loops of PCCQ


  • 1 loop of Rebirth Ultima

Doing 5 days on, then 2 days off. I think this is the correct approach, from what I have read, before gradually increasing PCCQ loops until a tolerable level is found somewhere between 2-6 loops per day.


What actions will you be taking? Will you be around people often enough for this?

Will you be reading the 48 Laws of Power?


If you’re open to stacking, S&S is a great tool for this goal. :+1:t2:


It should not be a problem as I have three kids and regularly find myself in social situations due to their many commitments. Not watching any porn too seems to help with my mood and social energy, so I am also quitting that.

I’ve been listening to the audiobook for a few days. In the book’s introduction it discussed needing to let go of past events that eat away at you and that is the reason I added Rebirth Ultima. I already owned the stacking module and it was upgraded which is cool, so I thought I’d give it a go.


No worries, thanks for the idea. I will keep that in mind.


try listening to the audiobook in 2x to 3x speed


Hi all,

Still running the sub now at 4 loops per day for 5 days, then 2 days off. I ended up dropping rebirth, I wanted to focus on PCC.

It’s been great, probably the best subliminal yet for me. Social anxiety has reduced greatly, I can interact without the initial fear and self doubt I normally experience. I feel my vibe has improved greatly. I notice a few times I’ve made mistakes and normally would feel mortified and internally retreat I’ve been able to display a genuine smile and have a laugh instead.

My wife acts needy and desperate to seek my approval so things have improved in that relationship. Kids don’t seem much different, they are still little aholes most of the time. More people are saying hello and initiating convo with me but I still need work on my social skills. Things are going good though, even my stress level on my watches HRV monitor is going way down, especially in situations like social groups and crowds when it used to spike really high. And what I like is that the changes are happening naturally without any effort or inflated ego (emperor). And I can tell it’s going to continue working because I’m having dreams and I can tell beliefs are changing.

I think growing up as a kid I always felt powerless and dominated by strict parents. Kind of always felt guilty for not living up to their expectations. All the negative experiences could stem from this place of powerlessness and perhaps the sub is changing some beliefs resulting in this reduced anxiety and fear of other people’s opinions of me. It’s going away so I couldn’t be happier. At the end of the day it’s all I really want - peace, tranquility and self acceptance.

Edit: I should also note that the sub has been gentle. Not much reconciliation/resistance. Might have got lucky and found just what I needed to heal.


Hey man, I missed your comment. It’s a good idea, the narrator is a little dry, but it has a cool vibe lol. I normally listen to a few laws while driving but I have not remembered them very well and get good results still from the sub.


Do you notice PCC effecting your sexuality or your wife’s/ other woman’s attraction towards you?

unfortunately it sounds like kids are not yet subject to the 48 laws of power :joy:
perhaps there not socially acclimated/ societal ‘broken in’ enough.


Yeah wife is definitely acting more submissive. I’m getting away with a lot more without receiving a hostile reaction. We have sex 3-4 per week on average and she is rarely not in the mood, especially now. Other women seem to be more drawn to me too. I receive many sheepish approval seeking nervous half smiles when I walk past them. Not that I’m a big fan of this hesitancy as it mostly makes me feel somewhat uncomfortable myself. One woman can’t keep her eyes off me when I sometimes pick the kids up from school, it’s pretty intense.

As for me, I did notice an increased libido the first few weeks but this week not so much. I’ve had many dreams this week and waking up kind of groggy, so I could be experiencing some reconciliation.

Probably what I notice more is being able to read people better. I can see better the people behind the masks we wear.

Yeah they seem immune, living in a reality seperate from my own!

Edit: I’ll also add that I been working out pretty consistently for the best part of a decade so I’m not in bad shape. This definitely helps too. Mostly just my INTJish inner world tends to spoil things. At least PCC is helping in this area.


Great to hear your results,
your a rare case running PCC solo, smart for an INTJ.
So it’s very interesting to read about

I have noticed some strong attraction and status effects when I’ve stacked it, but such a different mechanism than the sexuality of primal, or the overt dominance of Emperor-it is very distinct.
The description is charisma-but not in the way I normally think of it.

I historically get the worst reconciliation from PCC, but I’m pretty above board on being manipulated or a doormat, and am a straight shooter with others. I think it must be because I bs myself alot :joy:

lucky :smirk:


Hmm. Not that I’ve thought about MBTI types for a long while, but based off of what I remember I would expect PCC to work well for that type.


It does, every sub theoretically works well for anybody with that subs goals.

Just cause it’s smart for one person doesn’t mean its not smart for everybody else :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I believe, @openmind, in addition to other aims, is using PCC to deal with social anxiety and to increase social relatability, emotional intelligence, and seamless-ness that INTJ’s can sometimes be not as competent in-if I extrapolated correctly from this and other threads.


PCC gives one charisma and charm, so it’s perfectly valid to run solo.


completely agree, I just have not seen it that much.
While I really like its effect I also find it gives me the strongest reconciliation of any sub.
Did you notice a lot of painful healing experiences coming up while you ran it @Michael?


PCC was really mild for me, as it wasn’t a strong alpha sub. Got irritated on the first day, but nothing after that.

You might find the idea of “sucking up” to people, or being a little scheming distasteful. Or you might be a direct person.

I’m just reminded of what Saint said about Alpha A & B types. Maybe you prefer being a B type?


Is B Khal Drago?

I’m very direct and care about honesty, but also always instinctively assessing and meeting people where they are at, so maybe scheming a bit in that sense. I also already feel like I often understand people deeper than they understand themselves so always navigating with that a bit as well.

I find the act of sucking up, especially needing to suck up horrendous. Especially to people of low character. And I do everything in my life to be in a position of freedom and authority, so as one of the benefits is to never need to be in this position. Even when I work for people. Respect is the most important. Praising and brown noising people I genuinely admire is fine though lol


So what do you guys think I should eventually stack PCC with for more social improvement? I know S&S was suggested, but I don’t own that and I won’t buy anymore subs this year. The stand out options from what I’ve read here would be daredevilQ or primalQ. I also have emperor, which I read stacks well, but I think that would take me in the wrong direction right now.

Day 1 of new cycle was done with 5 loops of PCC. I thought I could build up to 6 loops of PCC, then add in another sub (DD or primal) for 2 loops and at the same time reduce PCC back to 4 loops.


What kind of social? You want to be amongst the crowd making friends? You want to lead a group? Or you want the attention of others?

Daredevil for the first option, Primal the latter.


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